How Millennials Vote, Starring Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner's latest gig just got political. The 20-year-old model ditched her designer thread and the runway to promote voting among millennials in an informative video by The Independent Journal Review and Rock the Vote. The 33-second clip featured Jenner dressing in fashions inspired by three important decades for young voters as factoids scrolled across the screen. 

Kendall starts off in a '70s boho look, complete with a flower crown, to mark 1971, the year 18-year-olds were granted the right to vote. Next, 1992 has the model in distressed jeans and a grungy tee for the year young-voter turnout rises thanks to appearances by the candidates on new media, like MTV. Finally, Kendall ends the clip wearing a modern-day power suit for 2008 and 2012, when "over 20 million young voters decided the outcome for both elections." We're not surprised to see Kendall raise awareness about voting, since she's been vocal about her political preference on social media

Check out the interesting video clip below, and keep scrolling to shop Kendall Jenner's political fashion statement.


IJR - Independent Journal Review

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Opening Image: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

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