A Guide to Wearing Something Other Than Black

As much as I like to think of myself as a bona fide fashion daredevil, I occasionally find myself stuck at one specific point on the color wheel. Like so many of my fellow New Yorkers, when it comes to certain wardrobe staples, I just can’t get away from black. Shoes? Tops? Earrings? Not a problem; I’ll color-block like nobody’s business. But elsewhere I need help, which is why I recruited three super-chic women who are no strangers to standout style and tasked them with nudging me out of my comfort zone and into bluer waters.

It turns out that blue is the black of summer. It practically qualifies as a neutral (think denim), it’s super on trend this season, and it’s apparently my first safe baby step toward embracing actual color. Wearing their favorite new pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, the three style setters patiently listened to my excuses before schooling me on what I should be wearing. Are you also a habitual wearer of black? Nod along to my excuses below before bookmarking the three brightened-up looks I can actually get on board with.

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