Kaia Gerber Wore the Easy Pant Trend People Are Swapping Leggings For

Remember the days when pretty much the only "comfortable" pants fashion people would wear outside were leggings? Yeah, those days are long gone. There are a plethora of casual pant styles that people wear out and about now, even dressing them up for nights out. Sure, leggings are still very popular, but they're no longer considered the number one casual pant trend. This year has brought us a new comfortable pant trend that you're going to want to own if you don't already.

The trend I'm referring to is pull-on wide-leg pants that one might compare to pajama pants or elastic-waist pants. There are actually plenty of polished options on the market that won't make you appear as though you just rolled out of bed, and Kaia Gerber wore one of them in NYC. Gerber paired her black pull-on pants with a blue knit top and ballet flats. Follow her lead when choosing a pair and wearing them—low on the waist and baggy.

Currently, the most coveted pairs of pull-on pants include Enza Costa's Everywhere and Resort pants and Reformation's Olina pants, both of which I own and can vouch for. With that, keep scrolling for outfit inspiration and to shop my favorite pull-on pants.

Kaia Gerber wearing a blue shirt and black pull-on pants.

(Image credit: Gotham/Getty Images)

On Kaia Gerber: Paloma Wool bag; Celine Large Voyage Bag ($2600)

Kaia Gerber wearing a blue shirt and black pants.

(Image credit: Gotham/Getty Images)

More Pull-On-Pant Outfit Inspiration

Woman wearing a chic pull-on pant outfit.

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Woman wearing a chic pull-on pant outfit.

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Woman wearing a chic pull-on pant outfit.

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