The 11 Biggest Pitfalls of Being a Fashion Girl

If you’re on this site, chances are you’re a fashion girl. Your loved ones tend to raise an eyebrow at your zealous commitment to your sartorial craft, and you’ll often choose minor ways to stress and suffer (killing your feet in those crazy heels, getting tangled up in your layered necklaces) all in the name of fashion. Sound familiar? We thought so.

Read on for the top eleven tongue-in-cheek pitfalls that come with the territory of being a fashionable lady.

1. It’s a never-ending battle to just be a little bit more French.


Man Repeller

Are we feeling berets this season?

2. You’re quite worried about how your iPhone 6 is going to fit into your mini purse.


Getty Images

Such a conundrum: Your new phone is so big, and your mini purse is so small.

3. It took an hour and a half to make it look like you didn’t try at all.

Your perfectly undone waves and expertly crafted half-tuck are not an accident.

4. You get sad that there aren’t more fashion emojis.


Athens Street Style

How are you supposed to express yourself? We don’t even want to talk about the complete lack of outerwear emojis.

5. You have to hide the fact that you’re actually interested in the fashion choices of 1-year-olds.


Splash News

At least you’re self-aware of your strange fascination with Blue Ivy and North West, and have the decency to hide it.

6. The dress looks great, but forget about sitting down.

Some things are more important than comfort.

7. You’re prone to getting quite tangled up in your layered necklaces.

This mess is going to take hours of your life to untangle, yet you still pile them on every morning.

8. You get in trouble for hiding your boyfriend’s less-than-stylish clothes.


Adam Katz of Le 21Eme

Why doesn’t he understand you’re really doing him a favor?

9. You’ve spent way too much time scheming how you can get Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to adopt you.


Bruce Weber

No matter that you’re in the same age range.

10. A “Come As You Are” party invite throws you into a panic.


Adam Katz of Le 21Eme

They can’t honestly expect me go in what I’m wearing right now, but they’ll know I got dressed up if it looks like I tried too hard. What to do? What to do?

11. Nobody at the Halloween party understands your fashion costume.

It’s Karl La-ger-feld. Would it help if I carried a toy kitten?

As a fellow fashion girl, what are your funny complaints? Let us know in the comments below!