6 Outfits I Want to Try With My Favorite Fall Legging Trend

I don't mean to brag, but I've become something of a legging expert over the last few months. They've become an ever-present staple in my wardrobe, and I'm constantly on the lookout for new styles to add to my collection. This fall, I'm swapping my regular pair for a version that feels a little more luxe. And yes, I'm talking about leather leggingsLuckily, my Instagram Explore page has me covered when it comes to styling them into some actually cute outfits.

Just like your usual pair of black leggings, leather alternatives are incredibly easy to style and are available in both real-leather and faux-leather iterationsThey work just as well underneath a classic white button-down as they do under a baggy hooded sweatshirt, and you can accessorize them with either a pair of chunky sneakers or some very sleek stiletto boots

Keep scrolling to check out—and shop—six of the coolest leather-legging outfits for fall 2022, as modeled by some of Instagram's most in-demand influencers and trendsetters.


(Image credit: @Simplytandya)

Make a sweater-vest work for the fall by layering it over an oversize white button-down shirt and a pair of leather leggings. 

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(Image credit: @Lisafolawiyo)

Shiny patent-leather leggings look instantly more relaxed when paired with an oversize hoodie and a pair of chunky sneakers. 

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(Image credit: @Amagodson_a)

Wearing leather from head to toe is surprisingly easy. Tuck a tailored leather button-down shirt into a pair of high-waisted leggings, and complete the outfit with a pair of sleek pointed-toe booties and a black bag.

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(Image credit: @Nicoleocran)

Going somewhere fancy this fall? Dress for the occasion in a pair of leather leggings and a sparkly sequined top. 

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(Image credit: @Smythsisters)

A tailored jacket, luxe-feeling accessories, and a pair of chunky boots work great with leather leggings.

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(Image credit: @Tylynnnguyen)

When in doubt, go simple! A classic white crew-neck sweater and a pair of square-toe boots make your pair of trendier leggings feel more timeless. 

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