And Now, the "Grandpa" Trend That's Taking Over This Fall

You already know we love a good "grandma" trend, but it's about time that grandpa fashion started to steal the spotlight, too, and after reporting on things like "grandpa" trousers, we noticed fashion people embracing another item that reminds us of our dear old grandfathers and that is the sweater vest.

Yes, friends, the day has come where sweater vests are no longer a Steve Urkel specialty—they're a fashion-forward fall trend. The F/W 20 runways have my back on this, too, seeing as Prada, Gucci, Dior, and Marc Jacobs all presented the nerdy-chic knit in their collections. Not only that, but Instagram is already drenched with styling ideas that make the intimidating trend actually so wearable, like layered over a button-down shirt or worn as its own top with jeans.

In case you're still in disbelief, I'm showcasing 13 ways the fashion crowd is wearing the knit vest trend right now and linking my favorite versions on the market so you can achieve your ultimate "grandpa" vibe, too, this fall.

knit vest trend



Style your vest with a pleated mini skirt for a fashion-girl spin on school uniform dressing. 

sweater vest trend



If you're looking for a basic fall outfit that's anything but boring, style a vest as a top with loose trousers and sneakers.

sweater vest outfits



Of course, these vests are basically begging to be layered over a button-down shirt for a preppy feel. Though we like how Matilda's slip dress softens it up a bit.

knit vest outfits



While neutral tones are classic, brightly-colored knit vests are so fun to wear.

how to style knit vests



Breakaway from your basic tops with jeans this fall and wear a vest either on its own or over a boxy tee.

knit vests



If your style leans classic, try a vest with a crewneck (as opposed to a V-neck) which are subtler on the "grandpa" vibes and might be more your speed.

best knit vests



I'm already planning on copying this perfect fall outfit with an oversized vest, black trousers, and chunky loafers.

Leave it to Ganni to perfect the sweater vest. And leave it to NYC girls to make it look ultra-cool.

how to wear knit vests



Here's a new fall WFH outfit idea you can wear with your basic leggings.

sweater vests



PSA: A retro vest like this plays well with a retro pair of sneakers.

vintage knit vests



Cable knit takes the "grandpa" vibes to level 10. 

knit vest styling ideas



For a more polished approach, style yours atop a collared dress.

how to wear knit vests



Before you go, here's one more jeans outfit you can easily copy.