Trick or Treat? Can You Guess the Price of These Accessories?

If you had an endless supply of money, what would you buy? Every new season pair of Céline shoes followed by a new Saint Laurent tux each season? Us too. But what can you do when the cash flow doesn’t match your expensive taste? Look for similar styles.

Copying in the fashion industry is no news to anyone, and we would never endorse it, or suggest you buy an obvious designer imitation (fake logos and exact replicas), but the way fashion and the trend cycle works, is major designers determine the trends, and fast-fashion brands interpret them and make them accessible. We’ll always try and shop the original, but when that can’t happen, we either attempt a little DIY or shop a trickled down version of the trend.

For a little Halloween fun, we’ve rounded up some save or splurge accessory finds. See if you can pick which one is which. Keep scrolling!

Opening image: Getty Images

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