Selena Gomez Just Taught Us a Handwashing Secret for Anyone With Long Nails

Lather, rinse, and repeat? Honestly, why not! Thanks to the United Nations WHO #SafeHands COVID-19 challenge currently making its way around the internet, odds are anyone who participates has to run through the whole process a few times before finally capturing the perfect video to post to his or her Instagram feed—and celebs are no exception! 

Longtime Who What Wear favorite Selena Gomez made headlines earlier this week when she accepted the challenge from Thrive Global founder and CEO, Arianna Huffington. Watch the video below as Gomez lathers up in her kitchen and shares her tips for cleaning under long nails, saving water, and to see who she challenges next.

Plus, because washing your hands again and again is critical but can get dull (and drying) pretty quickly, we've compiled 25 of the best-smelling hand soaps and creams currently available on Amazon below.

So what are you waiting for? Gather some pointers from the stars (they're just like us), and enjoy a thorough handwashing the next time you need to lather up! 

Shea butter is a super-moisturizing ingredient. 

The scent of eucalyptus always brings a sense of calm. 

Multiple Who What Wear staffers agree that this is their favorite "fancy" soap.

For when it's time to bring out the big guns.

Hydrating and, despite the name, it's not at all salty.

More Hand Soaps We Love

Another of our favorite fancy soap brands, this "savon" comes in multiple uplifting scents. 

Trust us: You'll want to buy the three-pack. 

This fancy soap is perfect for impressing guests in the powder room. 

This tea tree hand soap is also very nourishing. 

Again, you'll want to buy this brand in bulk. The scents are great, and the foam formula is less drying than gels. 

Any excuse to turn the bathroom into a spa, right?

Verbena is a light, refreshing scent that won't mess with food flavors. You can keep it by your kitchen sink. 

If you're looking for a way to mix up your daily (hourly?) handwashing routine, may we suggest going for this variety pack?

Just close your eyes and pretend you're at the beach. 

More Hand Creams We Love

Light and flowery with the added bonus of vitamin E. 

When you're ready to reach for the ultimate hand salve. 

O'Keeffe's is the real deal. It works on even the driest, most cracked hands. 

With a calming aroma of lavender and rosemary, we like to apply this hand cream before bed. 

Worried about your nails, too? There's a cream for that. 

Shea butter moisturizer with the fresh scent of lemon cream? We'll take six, please.