No Gatekeeping Here: Beauty Editors Spill Their All-Time Favorite Hand Creams

Though a plethora of in-depth studies and articles exist on anything and everything skincare, nailcare, haircare, and even scalpcare, there's one key category that's often overlooked. I'd go so far as to say that this category is an afterthought for most of us. I'm talking, of course, about our hands aka the most overworked, underappreciated part of our bodies. Think about it. Our hands work hard all day and receive little to no respect. It's about time we show our hands the gratitude and love they deserve.

Similar to the peculiar skincare regimen we religiously follow to reverse signs of aging and brighten our complexions, our hands crave the same attention. They, too, wrinkle due to sun exposure, chap and dry out in the colder months, and could use a glow-up every once in a while. Feeling guilty yet? Don't panic. It's not too late to begin your handcare journey. The first step is discovering the right hand cream and using it throughout the day. Scroll to see 29 top-rated hand creams.

Best Hand Creams



What to Look for in a Hand Cream

It's no secret that hand creams could easily be one of the most frequently used beauty products. My favorite hand creams (many of which are named below) have claimed a permanent spot on my bedside table, tucked between my phone charger and the seasonal candle of my choice for quick, easy access at the beginning and end of my day. I even carry one particular hand cream, Chanel's La Crème Main, in my bag every day, changing its location from my work bag to my going-out purse as needed. It took me a while, however, to land on that one as my go-to everyday product.

To identify what sets a good hand cream apart from the rest in an indisputably oversaturated market, I turned to my fellow WWW beauty editors for their expertise on the subject. There were three main commonalities among their favorite products, all of which weren't the least bit surprising: lightweight, fast-absorbing formulas chock-full of skin-loving ingredients; affordable price points; and aesthetic packaging. Ready to find your perfect hand-cream match? Keep reading to discover 30 of our favorites.

Beauty-Editor Favorites

Best Overall Hand Cream: Nećessaire The Hand Cream

Customer review: "This hand cream saved me through the winter months from dry, cracked hands. I normally hate hand cream because of how heavy or greasy they can be, but this is very lightweight and has zero scent."

Pro: Hydration and fast-absorbing

Con: None

"This hand cream is packed with tons of powerhouse ingredients like CoQ10, niacinamide, glucosamine, retinol, and hyaluronic acid. It's one of my favorite hand creams to keep next to my bed and use overnight. It smells amazing, and I love how big the tube is." — Katie Berohn, Beauty Editor

1. Guerlain Abeille Royale Repairing & Youth Hand Balm

Customer review: "The hand cream itself goes on so smoothly and a little goes a long way. I used maybe a dime size and the cream moved over my skin like silk and the feeling after was well hydrated. I must admit, this was my first splurge on a hand cream and I believe this will stay in my handbag and I will more than likely get another to keep near my vanity. I'm so in love with this."

Pro: Formula contains peptides

Con: High price point

"This is one of the only hand creams I use because it actually keeps my skin hydrated, soft, smooth, and practically shimmery with nourishment for hours and hours. Despite the MVP ingredient—rich honey extract—it's not sticky or overly thick in the slightest. I don't even really like hand cream (I know, I know), but trust me. This stuff will change you!" — Erin Jahns, Beauty Director

2. Homecourt Steeped Rose Hand Cream

Customer review: "I love this hand cream. I use it every night. My hands get dry easily because of the weather changes and I couldn't be happier with the cream I choose to soothe my hands with. The texture is smooth and light. It smells so good and makes my hands feel so soft after applied and hours after that. I love it."

Pro: Safe for sensitive skin

Con: None

"Not gonna lie, I'm always suspicious about celebrity brands, but Homecourt has not disappointed me. I've become completely hooked on this hand cream. Not just because it smells like freshly cut roses (it's truly intoxicating!), but I don't think my hands have ever been this soft. It's full of nourishing ingredients such as Australian hibiscus-flower extract that hydrates and protects, shea butter to soften, and fermented microalgae oil to repair and nourish. I use it at least twice a day and am already stressing about running out." — Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content

3. Goldfaden MD Hands to Heart Brightening Hand Treatment

Customer review: "Colorado winters are brutal on the skin, especially the hands. Nothing, and I mean nothing has helped until I found this hand treatment. It soothes, it refines, it softens. Will be repurchasing!"

Pro: Lightly fragranced

Con: No noticeable change to dark spots

"If you're looking for a good, no-frills hand cream that hydrates your skin and makes it feel soft, this is it. It contains peptides and multiple vitamins to keep the hands looking plump and healthy. It's also fragrance-free, so it won't irritate those of us who have sensitive skin. I always keep a tube of this nearby." — Kaitlyn McLintock, Associate Beauty Editor

4. Butter London Extra Whip

Customer review:  "As a licensed esthetician, I use my hands quite frequently, and the majority of the time my hands are wet. When I was given the opportunity to try out Butter London Extra Whip Hand and Foot Treatment, I got so excited. This product is ideal for my dry hands to keep them soft and smooth."

Pro: Rich, moisturizing formula

Con: Heavily fragranced

"I use this hand cream every night before bed and wake up with baby-soft hands. It provides ultra-rich hydration with ingredients like shea butter, cocoa-seed butter, and niacinamide. It absorbs so quickly and is perfect for my super-dry hands, which have become that way due to a lot of handwashing. My hands tend to get a bit flakey when dry, but this cream solves that in a jiff—can't recommend enough." — Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

5. Chanel La Crème Main Hand Cream

Customer review: "I love this, light scent, non-greasy, quick absorbing and moisturizing for long time after application. I'm always a returning customer for this product."

Pro: Absorbs quickly without residue

Con: Highest price point

"Not only is this the chicest-looking hand cream (my boyfriend and I keep it in our living room for aesthetic purposes), but it also makes my hands feel incredibly soft after I use it. The formula uses iris pallida to strengthen the skin's barrier and May rose wax to deeply moisturize and nourish. It also helps improve nail health, which is a major plus!" — Berohn

6. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream

Customer review: "This is great hand cream to bring with you anywhere. It is a great size to fit in a pocket and to travel with without taking up much space. This cream is so soothing and hydrating for hands. Would definitely recommend!"

Pro: Affordable price point

Con: Semi-greasy upon application

"I know this isn't the most luxurious choice ever, but that's kind of the point. Thanks to the tiny price tag, I'm able to use it as much as I want without wincing. Plus, the formula is heavy-duty. With seven moisturizers and vitamins A, C, and E, it hydrates, smooths, and protects my hands. Trust me on this—it totally alleviated my dry, cracked hands in the midst of a subzero Midwest winter. It's the real deal." — McLintock

7. Glossier Hand Cream

Customer review: "I've been using this since 2020, and I can say I'm addicted! I use it daily! It makes my hands so soft, and it doesn’t feel like there’s any product on. If you're nervous to get any, or try it out, don't be!"

Pro: Scented with Glossier You

Con: Packaging is not refillable

"I absolutely love the Glossier You Eau de Parfum, so it's no surprise I also love this hand cream. Obviously, I love the smell, but the brand also spent two full years perfecting the formula prior to its launch in 2020. It's not too creamy, but it's not too 'lotion-y' either. Plus, it dries in about five seconds and doesn't leave you feeling greasy or like you'll be leaving a trail of oily fingerprints in your aftermath." — Jahns

8. Payot Fresh Grass Hand Cream

Customer review: "[The] lotion is substantial when you put on hands, but absorbs well! Fragrance is light, but I like that! Love the velvet feeling of my skin. I love it."

Pro: Smooth, fast-absorbing texture

Con: Limited availability in the U.S.

"This hand cream took me by surprise. I wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea of my hands smelling like fresh grass, but when I tried it in a pinch, I quickly became obsessed with the scent and formula. Let's talk scent first. Instead of smelling strongly like a lawn mover as I imagined it would, it smells subtle, fresh, bright, and uplifting. It was love at first sniff. Then, there's the formula. It basically melts into my skin, making it feel super soft and smooth." — McLintock

More of Our Hand-Cream Favorites

Best Hand Creams for Dry Skin

This comes in multiple fragrances, so pick your favorite.

Customer review: "I have tubes of it everywhere—one in my office desk, one in my purse, one in my bathroom at home, one in my car. It's the best hand cream for dry skin."

Pro: Lightweight and fast-absorbing formula

Con: None

Proven to deeply hydrate and nourish your hands without being greasy.

Customer review: "I live in a very cold part of the United States where the windchill can drop to -90º, and these products keep on working their moisturizing magic!"

Pro: Ultra-hydrating for dry skin

Con: Somewhat oily finish

Best Nongreasy Hand Creams

Don't forget: Hand massages are important too.

Customer review: "This stuff works miracles. Highly recommend for anyone needing relief from dry or cracked hands as well as those whose jobs or activities shred their hands."

Pro: Formula crafted with macadamia oil

Con: Natural fragrance is initially strong

This vegan hand cream is comprised of 20% shea butter and olive oil, which work hand in hand with exfoliating sea salt to add moisture.

Customer review: "This is the best hand cream ever. My hands and cuticles become so dry that I can snag a pair of stockings; this cream is so rich, and it literally heals my skin."

Pro: Long-lasting moisture after one application

Cons: Not fast-absorbing

Best Hand Creams for Aging, Mature Skin

This is a natural product made up of some of the best extracts, including rosemary, lavender, coffee, pomegranate, and green tea leaf.

Customer review: "For those who hate the feeling of lotion, this is for you! I've lost count of how many different lotions out there that claim to be nongreasy, yet they all fail. This is the first one I've come across that actually is nongreasy!"

Pro: Smooths and softens the skin

Con: Formula tends to be greasy

Aloe is a key ingredient in this highly reviewed hand cream.

Customer review: "My job requires a lot of handwashing, which of course results in terribly dry hands. This cream is so soothing to the skin without feeling greasy and absorbs quickly."

Pro: Silky-smooth finish

Con: Moisture is not long-lasting

Anti-aging hand lotion? Check.

Customer review: "My hands also looked like I was 90. Not anymore!"

Pro: Deeply hydrating

Con: Not vegan as advertised (uses beeswax)

Best-Smelling Hand Creams

Don't forget: Hand creams also smell amazing. They're the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Customer review: "My hands were quite spotted from years of sun, but most have faded away."

Pro: Fruity-fresh fragrance

Con: Thin, greasy formula

Does anyone else buy products because they're aesthetically pleasing?

Customer review: "The best thing, however, is the lemon cream smell. It's the best smell on the face of this Earth."

Pro: Ultra-hydrating formula

Con: Strongly fragranced

Industrial strength? Sign me up.

Customer review: "When you first apply it, it's quite thick and almost chalky, but it absorbs into your skin quickly if you don't use too much. It's heavier and quite conditioning, and it eventually leaves your hands feeling matte. It takes about five minutes for the greasy, clammy feeling to leave your hands while it absorbs into the skin."

Pro: Refreshing minty fragrance

Con: Not ideal for sensitive skin

Best All-Natural Hand Creams

Ahava is made with nutrients from the Dead Sea in order to keep your hands hydrated and healthy.

Customer review: "I'm a bit compulsive, so I did research online and bought the 10 best hand lotions based on lists and reviews from multiple websites. Anyway, this is by far the best hand lotion you can find."

Pro: Firms, softens, and evens the skin tone

Con: None

I never travel without this guy.

Customer review: "This is the best hand lotion I've found yet. I work with my hands and wash them constantly throughout the day. I use this at night, and my hands haven't cracked yet since I've found this lotion."

Pro: Nongreasy and fast-absorbing

Con: Slightly medicinal scent

BEst Hand Creams With SPF

I'm a big fan of ultra-moisturizing formulas.

Customer review: "A few people said the hand cream was too greasy. I think they put too much on. The package says 'a dab,' and that's what I used—well, I needed a bit more at the beginning with the eczema, but I sing the praises of this product! Wahoo!"

Pro: Promotes skin health

Con: Has a thick, sticky consistency

This is a tried-and-true hand cream. Bonus: It includes SPF, which is imperative in wrinkle prevention.

Customer review: "It goes on very nice and rubs in easily. I've tried other lotions with sunscreen, and they just don't apply as easily as Eucerin."

Pro: Leaves no white cast

Con: Not fragrance-free and potentially irritating to sensitive skin

Best Affordable Hand Creams

It's all in the name.

Customer review: "This is the only product that keeps my hands soft all day! Since I'm an administrator, I'm always typing, so I can't have greasy hands."

Pro: Targets rough skin

Con: None

A lot of hand creams use vitamin E because it moisturizes and nourishes by absorbing quickly into the skin.

Customer review: "I keep this on my desk at work—not only does it keep my hands from getting dry, but the scent helps to keep me in a good mood. It's very subtle—not floral. One whiff and I was addicted."

Pro: Restores dry hands

Con: Thick and sometimes sticky consistency

Best Hand Creams for Eczema Relief

If this can clear my eczema, it can save your dry hands.

Customer review: "I bought this product looking for relief for my dried-out winter hands. They had gotten so bad they were cracked and bleeding, and nothing was saving them. Aveeno is a brand I trust, so I gave this a go."

Pro: Incredibly soothing

Con: Not long-lasting

Here's an all-in-one cream for your face, body, and hands. Now, there's really no excuse for improper handcare.

Customer review: "It's not a high-end cream, and you won't break the bank but feels like it."

Pro: Effective, fast-absorbing formula

Con: None

Best Unscented Hand Creams

A hardworking hand cream for working hands.

Customer review: "I've tried many different kinds of lotions and creams, and this is by far the best I've tried for dry hands. In addition to moisturizing and healing, it doesn't stay greasy (which I consider a plus). I highly recommend this hand cream!"

Pro: Heals dry, cracked skin

Con: Somewhat greasy finish

This First Aid Beauty cream aims to provide instant relief to dry and cracked hands—thank you.

Customer review: "This product along with my acne-care treatment has made my face the healthiest and clearest my skin has ever been!"

Pro: Safe for sensitive skin

Con: None

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