The Winter Clothes You Can Wear on Repeat

After hanging up a phone call with my dad and hearing him say it’s 20 degrees back home in Kansas, I think it’s safe to say winter has arrived. Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve probably traveled home three times a year max, with two of the visits occurring during the holiday season, so I see actual winter weather at least once while I’m there.

Thanksgiving is always a toss-up: Some years it’s freezing and already snowing, and others I can get away with wearing a light jacket (#globalwarming). But when I go home in December, it’s typically full-on winter, with the wind so chilling you won’t want to leave the house. With that said, I have a set of winter clothing I keep at home and wear on repeat every time I’m visiting and the weather drops below 20 degrees.

The beauty of winter essentials like fitted turtlenecks and cozy coats is that you’ll get wear out of them year after year. For the most part, cold-combatting clothes only need a reboot every few years once they’ve become noticeably worn. Aside from these items, I’ve found you can mix in new pieces like a bright new sweater or on-trend accessories to freshen your winter outfits without completely rebuilding your cold-weather wardrobe.

Today I’m sharing the winter clothing I always keep on hand at home and wear on loop when I’m visiting my family in the cold state of Kansas. Shop the best winter clothing everyone should have in their closet below.