Not to Be Dramatic, But These Are the Only Coat Brands You Need to Know


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It's official. Colder temperatures are upon us. With temperature drops comes something unavoidable: a wardrobe shift. For many, the transition from fall to winter can be challenging. You have to remember how to layer again, and it requires you to reassess your arsenal of cold-weather staples. There's no arguing that a long list of items can make the transition easier—e.g., sweaters, jeans, boots, and even thermal underpinnings. But none are as paramount as the perfect coat. For those of us who grew up in or still reside in ultra-chilly climates, it's not an understatement to say that outerwear is the only thing that matters. While this staple is undoubtedly the most essential item for the season, it doesn't make it easy to shop for.

Sometimes, it can feel like a fashionable coat is never one that will ensure you don't freeze—hence why so many people give up on the search for the best outerwear and throw on the biggest possible puffer coat. No shade is intended (down jackets have their place and time), but no one should have to sacrifice their personal style for pragmatism. There are stylish coats out there that can work for cold weather and your wardrobe's aesthetic. In an effort to prove that point, we took to doing extensive research to identify the 16 best coat brands for women. Each brand we've included considers whether they offer excellent quality, attainable price points, trend-forward silhouettes, sustainably minded fabrications, and trendiness among the fashion set. No matter what type of coat you're looking for this season, you'll be able to find the best possible option for your needs. 

1. Nanushka


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Founded by Sandra Sandor in 2006, Nanushka has gained critical acclaim for its eco-conscious and contemporary ready-to-wear collections. Long before it became "trendy" to create with sustainability in mind, this Budapest-based fashion brand was championing the usage of deadstock fabrics, recycled materials, and alternative leathers. The most noteworthy innovation is the latter, as the brand's vegan-leather offering put the brand on the map for many—particularly Nanushka's buttery vegan-leather coats. Don't be confused. The brand has released many cult-status items over the years, but its outerwear remains one of the best buys you can make (both for the planet and your fall wardrobe).

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2. COS


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If H&M had a close relative that embodies the term "rich-auntie energy," it would be COS. Founded in 2007, the brand has cemented itself as the place to shop for contemporary pieces that won't break the bank. It's carved out its niche in the industry with ready-to-wear collections that emphasize clean lines, minimalistic designs, and timeless silhouettes. That's no more apparent than with the brand's outwear offering. From sublimely tailored coats to oversize leather jackets, the brand's outwear melds functionality and fashion seamlessly, making it the perfect place to shop for your next winter coat. 

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3. Staud


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No other brand embodies the superlative of "best place to shop" quite like Staud does. Founded by Sarah Staudinger in 2015, the Los Angeles–based label has become synonymous with producing timeless pieces with a contemporary twist. While the brand has made waves within the industry for its coveted handbags and buzzy boots, its outwear is equally noteworthy. Aligned with the brand's blueprint of taking classic items and making them standout items, its outwear offering includes traditional styles like wrap coats, longline faux-fur coats, and leather trenches transformed through vibrant colors, eye-catching prints, and luxurious details. The result is a series of pieces that live up to the title. 

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4. Mango


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If you read Who What Wear regularly, you're likely already well aware of the Spanish fashion giant Mango. But did you know it has some of the best outerwear options for women? Hear us out on this. Finding a coat inspired by runway trends without run-away price tags can feel impossible, but it's not. Much like its ready-to-wear offering, Mango's outerwear section melds fashion sensibilities with durability requirements. Often, the coats take some of the trendiest elements of the season (colors, prints, hardware, and so on) and apply them to classic coat silhouettes made from wool blends, faux shearling, and vegan leather. Ultimately, it's this approach that has cemented Mango as the go-to place for stylish shoppers on a budget. 

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5. Toteme


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Certain regions in the world know how to dress for cold weather, and Sweden happens to be one of those places. So when it comes to finding a coat brand that can withstand the weather in style, there's no better place to turn to than one of the most exciting Scandinavian brands right now—Toteme. Founded by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman in 2014, the luxury label has been celebrated in the industry for its minimalist aesthetic and elevated essentials. The brand's mission is to provide a curated wardrobe for a contemporary woman, which is most adeptly fulfilled through its outerwear offering. The coats often take timeless jacket styles and add a touch of luxury through high-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. It's this attention to detail that has made Toteme the place for outerwear that can outlast cold fronts and trend cycles too. 

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6. H&M


(Image credit: Courtesy of H&M; PICTURED: H&M Tie Belt Coat ($65))

Another Swedish brand that's cemented itself on the world stage? H&M. Although it may be somewhat surprising that this brand heralds from the same region as so many luxury labels, it's not a surprise when you scroll through its outerwear section for women. Offering everything from timeless wrap coats to trendy oversize leather jackets, H&M offers shoppers a wide range of options that cater to their needs and budgets. Whether you're looking for an everyday coat or a designer-looking option, H&M has you covered. 

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7. Baum und Pferdgarten


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Okay, it might seem like we're paying homage to every country in Scandinavia, but can you blame us? Some of the best coat brands come from this part of the world, like Baum und Pfergarten. Founded by Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave in 1999, the Danish fashion house has become known globally for its eclectic take on womenswear. Often taking contemporary items and adding unconventional details, the brand has made even the most "mundane" things feel fun—like the winter coat. With its outerwear offering, coats aren't dull, as they often feature bold prints, mixed-media materials, and striking design details. Its collections remind us that the best coats allow us to show off our personalities. 

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8. Stand Studio


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Clearly, the Swedes don't play when it comes to their coats because there's another brand that's become known for its outerwear: Stand Studio. Launched in 2014 by Nellie Kamras, this Swedish fashion house has gained global recognition for its modern approach to outerwear. Although the brand has expanded past its humble roots as an attainable leather-jacket brand into a full-fledged ready-to-wear label, the coats still are where it's at. Partly, that's because Kamras is constantly innovating the brand's outerwear. For example, the brand is continually testing out new materials, including plant-based faux furs. On top of that, you can always find that simple coat silhouettes have been transformed into statement items by using vibrant colors, bold prints, edgy hardware, and multifunctional elements. Sure, statement coats can grab anyone's attention, but it's the brand's continued dedication to making the most exciting (and extravagant) things accessible that's maintained the attention of the world. 

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9. Aritzia


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By now, you might be thinking that all of the best coat brands herald from the Scandinavian region. A great number of them do, but you can not discount the impact that one specific Canadian outerwear brand—Aritizia. Founded in Toronto in 1984, the retailer has become known as the place to shop for elevated essentials among the global fashion community. While many people turn to the retailer for their staples, it's really Aritizia's outerwear offering that's worth recognizing. Aritizia offers a diverse range of outerwear for women, from vegan-leather trenches to wool- and cashmere-blend tailored coats to technical puffers made from sustainably sourced goose down. With such a wide range of options at accessible price points, it's truly no surprise that this retailer has become the place the fashion set turns to when searching for the best coats. 

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10. Zara


(Image credit: Courtesy of Zara; PICTURED: Zara Fitted Soft Coat ($90))

It's not exactly a secret that Who What Wear editors consider ourselves experts on all things Zara related. We're constantly scouring through hundreds of new arrivals from the Spanish retailer in search of the best things to buy for the season. But for some, what to shop at Zara is entirely based on their perspective of the retailer—e.g., some see it as the place to get trendier bits and bobs to add to their wardrobes, while others find the selling point to be its simple staples. While there's no shortage of things this retailer offers shoppers, there's one thing you should consider adding to your cart: the outerwear. Much of Zara's brand ethos is about providing affordable pieces that bridge the gap between being timeless and trendy, and its outerwear does just that. Whether you're in desperate need of a longline wool-blend coat or looking for a trend-forward trench, Zara has it all.

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11. Saks Potts


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It might seem like massive retailers are the only places to find great outerwear, but that's far from the truth. There are so many rising contemporary and luxury labels out there creating one-of-a-kind coats—Saks Potts being chief among them. Since its founding by Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts in 2014, the Copenhagen-based fashion brand has gained international acclaim for its avante-garde designs, particularly in the realm of outerwear. One may recall when the brand's Foxy Shearling Trench Coat was spotted on A-listers like Cardi B and Kendall Jenner along with any fashion person who could manage to get their hands on it. While this coat definitely propelled the brand into the international spotlight, its continued usage of eye-catching details, contrasting color palettes, furry accents, and distinctive silhouettes have kept it there. With so much outerwear centered around functionality over fashion, Saks Potts offers an alternative for those who care about both. 

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12. Apparis


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Various cities play their part in influencing fashion, but none as much as Paris and New York City. Some may like to think that these two cities rival each other in influence, but the label Apparis proves otherwise. Founded by the French-born designers Amélie Brick and Lauren Nouchi in 2016, the New York City–based label offers a wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, and home goods. However, what gained them recognition was their ability to take things that seemed incompatible and make them harmonious. It's something they achieved not solely through their multifaceted identities but also through how they made sustainability and style synonymous through a series of coats. Since the brand's inception, the designers have set out to make fur coats that were not only animal-friendly and eco-minded but also chic enough to be donned by the style set. One can argue they achieved that aim through their continued dedication to pushing their design process into the future. They constantly take classic coat styles and reinvent them by playing with proportions, colors, and textures, and they've continued to push to produce more sustainable textiles, like plant-based fibers, for their coats. It's proof that you don't have to choose between what seems antithetical—you just have to pick one Apparis coat to buy. 

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13. ASOS


(Image credit: ASOS; PICTURED: ASOS Design Bonded Borg Jacket ($85))

When shopping for outerwear, it can be easy to fall into the ideological trap that you must spend a large sum of cash or buy from the buzziest brands in order for your winter coat to be considered cool. But that's far from the truth. In fact, there's one affordable brand that you're likely already aware of that offers an excellent curation of outerwear: ASOS. Many may know this massive United Kingdom–founded fashion brand for its sheer amount of apparel, but don't get overwhelmed just yet. If you practice a bit of patience as you sort through the outerwear section, you're sure to find gems. The brand boasts budget-friendly prices and offers a wider range of sizes for plus, petite, and tall shoppers. Additionally, the retailer offers everything from classic double-breasted coats to printed faux furs, allowing you to find the coolest options that suit your needs. 

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14. Herskind


(Image credit: Courtesy of Herskind)

We've said it before, and we will repeat it: Some of the coolest brands are coming out of Copenhagen, such as Herskind. The namesake label was founded in 2018 by Birgitte Herskind and has since gained a cult following among fashion insiders. While the Danish label is known for a diverse range of ready-to-wear apparel, the brand's outerwear reflects Herskind's innate ability to meld minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics with international influences. The collection often takes timeless silhouettes and adds a more timely twist—like an oversize blazer with an asymmetrical button or a breasted wool coat that's floor-length. With sharp tailoring and sustainably sourced textiles playing a pivotal part in Herskind's outerwear collections, it's no surprise the brand has become a must-shop in the minds of so many fashion people.

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Yet another Swedish fashion brand that offers a stylish array of winter-ready coats? & Other Stories. Since its founding in 2013, the retailer has been an under-the-radar destination for shoppers looking for reasonably priced clothing that doesn't sacrifice craftsmanship. While many may shop the brand's extensive amount of cute denim and knitwear, its outwear offering is really what's worth your attention. The collection offers everything from double-breasted wool coats to tweed jackets, ensuring that you can find something that works well for various outfits and occasions all winter long. 

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16. Max Mara


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It would not be a roundup of the best coat brands for women if we didn't mention Max Mara. Although the Italian luxury fashion house was founded in 1951, it has managed to remain a beacon of sophistication in the fashion world. That continued reverence can be attributed partly to the brand's emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and wardrobe staples. But it also has to do with the brand's beloved outerwear collections, which have become synonymous with the brand's image as well. In fact, there's one coat that has become an enduring part of Max Mara's legacy—the Teddy Bear Coat. Inspired by archival collections from the '80s, this iconic coat was released in its F/W 13 collection and has remained relevant ever since. One could argue that this coat has been so popular over the years because of how many celebrities have worn it, including the likes of Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes, or that it's an embodiment of the house's ability to masterfully blend contemporary design with a timeless aesthetic. But if we're being honest, we think it's because this coat offers shoppers a chance to invest in a style that they know is both cozy and chic. Max Mara's coats fulfill our desire not to sacrifice fashion or functionality—they allow us to get all of our wishes wrapped up in one coat. 

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