These Are 100% the Best Double-Breasted Coats on the Internet

These Are 100% the Best Double-Breasted Coats on the Internet



Whether you live in windy Chicago or the brisk northeast, there's no doubt that coats are a winter must-have, and there's nothing more classic than an exquisitely tailored double-breasted coat. Characterized by their wide, overlapping front panels and symmetrical rows of buttons on either side, the double-breasted coat was actually inspired by the naval reefer jacket of the early 19th century.

Today, double-breasted coats come in every material imaginable. You can now find this traditional style in vinyl, leather, snakeskin, wool, or faux fur. Most importantly, these thick coats are designed for warmth, and they'll add a much-needed layer to any ensemble. Without further ado, we invite you to shop the best double-breasted coats on the internet right now.

This coat will go with everything.

The exaggerated shoulders bring a forward twist to this coat.

Into the idea of pushing up the sleeves if it's not too chilly.

A sharp coat that also happens to be under $60.

A gorgeous shorter silhouette.

The fringe on the sleeves is very unexpected.

Fun fact: The collar is removable.

This silhouette is classic yet unique.

The buttons here are very striking.

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