I Guarantee This Fall Staple Is in Every Fashion Editor's Closet Right Now

Before leather pants were a thing, the arrival of fall meant a refreshing wardrobe shift from skin-baring outfits to the classic sweater-and-denim combination. The times have changed. The 2000s and even the 2010s were both decades where we thought nothing could ever replace a classic pair of jeans. The women of the world today beg to differ. Their fall and winter uniform requires one wardrobe staple: leather pants.

Watching the next-level trousers take over the world has been an exciting ride. Now that every brand boasts a pair among their fall collections, it's hard to tell with a simple online scroll which ones are worth buying into. I'm looking for my next pair, so I had to stop and ask a few of my fellow Who What Wear editors, who own at least four pairs each, to tell me about their absolute favorite. Their answers did not disappoint.

Anna's favorite leather pants:

"In the year since I've had these in my closet, I've lost track of how many times I've worn them. To me, they're not just a good pair of faux-leather pants. They're *the* pair of faux-leather pants. In my opinion, what makes them so comfortable and flattering is that the waist and pockets are designed to fit just like your favorite pair of jeans, but the rest of the leg is stretchy and basically molds to your body. In short, they 100% live up to all the hype they've gotten."

Jasmine's favorite leather pants:

"I'm not loyal to shopping leather trousers from one specific place, but I do love wide-leg pleated versions. They're honestly the most life-changing suiting separate you can ever invest in."

Kristen's favorite leather pants:

"I'm in full '90s mode with my wardrobe right now, and as we head into fall, I've been thinking about some classic pieces from the decade. That includes straight-leg leather pants like this pair—a timeless staple to wear season after season."

My favorite leather pants:

I've had these leather pants for almost two years now, and they're one of the most-worn items in my closet. In a dazzling shade of chestnut, they stand out among everything else I wear and make a "boring" sweater feel special. Pairing them with something red is a power move.

By the time I found these leather pants, I had several pairs in my closet and was wondering if I really needed another one. I most certainly did because these are now my most-worn pair.

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