6 Ankle-Boot Trends That Are Going to Last You All Year

Like taxes and jogging bottoms in lockdown, ankle boots come autumn are a sure thing. This particular piece of footwear is a cornerstone of colder-weather wardrobes and for good reason. Choose carefully, and you'll live in them for the whole of autumn and winter. Scratch that—you'll wear them all year, even on those chilly spring and summer days. But I hear you ask, Why do we only start thinking about buying a new pair come the end of summer? Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, it's when the summer sales start to dwindle, and the newer autumn/winter collections drop. Second, it's that delicious back-to-school feeling that you can only get through a new pair of shoes or excessive amounts of stationery. 

best ankle boots: street style image from Copenhagen Fashion Week


Style Stalker

However, 2020 is not just any year. Compounded by the pandemic, the focus on sustainability and classic pieces you can wear for longer has taken centre stage in fashion. This of course also means that when you're looking to buy anything new, you should know if it's worth it. It shouldn't just tick the "need it" box but also be something you know you'll wear regularly. There's no good buying something if you're going to leave it languishing in the back of your wardrobe. On that note, I've compiled an edit of the newest and best ankle boots you'll get the most wear out of this coming year. Keep scrolling for more.







Next up, the biggest autumn/winter 2020 fashion trends to know. 

This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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