The Best Underwear to Wear With Leggings

Finding the perfect underwear is no easy task, but that’s especially true when you’re on a mission to find the best pair to wear with leggings. To ease the struggle, we went outside the Who What Wear office to tap an expert in the field. Sarita Liu, the director of design and development for MeUndies, was kind enough to answer a few of our questions and provide some insider tips to help us determine what is most important when shopping for no-show undies.

In terms of specific design techniques, she says, consider the seams and edges. “Our No Show line features clean-cut edges and bonded seams, which means no stitching anywhere. We have designed our underwear to provide that barely there, all-day comfort,” says Liu. Fabric is also important. She uses a MicroModal spandex that will stretch and conform to fit your body perfectly (i.e., no unwanted lines).

And for our most burning question of all: Does it always need to be a thong, or can other styles work under leggings? “Our No Show Thong is very popular, but the No Show Hipster is also a good option for those who prefer more coverage. They are the ideal outfit game changer and perfect to wear with anything skintight, semi-sheer, or thin,” says Liu.

There you have it. Keep scrolling to see the styles Liu has suggested, along with a few other recommendations.

Super-soft fabric with bonded seams for no lines. Plus, they come in 12 colors.

These offer a seamless look and a compress waistband.

Get the no-show look, but with the addition of pretty lace.

You wouldn't guess it from the front, but this is actually a thong.

It's rare to come across seamless logo underwear, but here you go.

If you love Hanky Panky's famous lace underwear, you need to try its Bare line.

Seamless with clean edges and a leg-lengthening cut.

Alo makes the best leggings, so you can rest assured the brand knows what it's doing.

A great basic at an even better price point. 

These just might be your new favorite thongs (and luckily, they're available on Amazon).

Nordstrom shoppers rave about this one-size-fits-most style.

These conform to fit your body—no pesky lines included.

If it has "butter" in the name, it must be good.

Now go forth and wear your leggings with confidence! We know we will be.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Allyson Payer.

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