Nordstrom Has So Many New "Trendy" Leggings, But These Are the 14 I'd Buy

Best trendy leggings


Osvaldo / BACKGRID 

I don't know about you, but I have enough black leggings to outfit an entire sold-out barre class. While I have no desire whatsoever to part with my black-legging collection, I probably don't need to acquire anymore anytime soon, which brings me to Nordstrom. I just happened to be scrolling through the new legging arrivals and was pretty blown away by all that it contained. Among the typical black leggings were tons of "trendy" styles, featuring prints, color-blocking, fresh details like cargo pockets, and metallic finishes. Intrigued yet?

Here's the thing: I usually shy away from so-called "trendy" leggings, but I surprised myself today and found many that I'd actually wear (and not just once, which is usually my habit with non-black leggings). Among my finds are brands you know and love, including Alo, Zella, and Beyond Yoga. Whoever Nordstrom's legging buyer is, I applaud you.

Keep scrolling to shop the "trendy" leggings I'd actually buy on Nordstrom.

Wait until you see how cool these look from the side.

I honestly can't stop thinking about these cargo leggings.

For some reason, the red background makes these leopard leggings more wearable.

An obvious choice if you only wear black leggings.

So pretty and comfortable (as Beyond Yoga leggings always are).