12 Industry Experts Share Their All-Time Favorite Lip Glosses



If you talk to anyone that works in the beauty industry, chances are we've tried every single lip product imaginable. Lipsticks, plumpersbalms, tints, stains—you name it, we've tried it. But there's one product that beauty industry experts love above all else: lip gloss. 

Open my purse at any given moment, and you'll probably find at least four lip glosses. There's something about lip gloss that makes it such a nostalgic product—nothing reminds me more of the early aughts than a glazed lip. Today's best lip glosses are moisturizing, hyper-reflective, and never, ever sticky. I tapped a bevy of in-the-know beauty experts for their absolute favorite lip glosses of all time (plus, a few of my own mainstays). Keep reading to find out the lip glosses worth adding to your lineup, straight from the people who would know best. 

Last year, I thought this lip oil was being discontinued, and I absolutely panicked. I've tried many, many lip glosses, and this oil-gloss hybrid takes the cake. It uses Color Reviver technology that react's to everyone's unique body chemistry and hydration level for a custom color that looks good on everyone. It feels cushiony and leaves lips incredibly soft thanks to being infused with cherry oil.

I can't leave the house without a tube of this lip gloss in my bag. It is the perfect do-it-all lip product—it has all the benefits of an oil, a gloss, a balm, and a plumper mixed into one product. It moisturizes and conditions lips just as well as a lip balm while also imparting a dreamy wash of sheer color. 

"You're not going to find a better $5 gloss, I promise. I have this in multiple colors but always come back to Eclair. It's the perfect pinky nude that looks just as good on its own as it does layered over lipstick. It glides on smoothly, isn't sticky, and conditions lips while giving them a hint of color and shine."—Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director of Branded Content, Who What Wear

"I'm very passionate about any kind of lip product, and while it's hard to choose a favorite, I never escape questions and compliments when I wear this gloss from renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan. Not only does it intensify your natural lip color, but it also mega-plumps your lips and leaves the prettiest glossy finish. It's infused with lip-saving SPF and tons of other strategic ingredients like ceramides and vitamin B3. Yes, it's expensive, but it's also like getting five different lip products in one sleek tube,"—Erin Jahns, Beauty Director, Who What Wear

"I really love the shades on this one! I will say the formula is a bit harder to work with and doesn't glide as nicely as Lawless, but the colors are really buildable and look fantastic once you apply! Think of the texture as more of a lipstick. It requires a bit more of a careful application but, as I said, it looks great once you've got it in place! It doesn't budge, either."—Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor, Who What Wear

"Literally just Lawless Forget the Filler, hands down. It gives your lips such a lush, plump look so instantly. I also love the formula and shades. It's really dewy without being overly sticky and still lasts really long. I have a lot of favorite shades but I'd have to go with Rosy Outlook or Annie as my favorites." —Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor, Who What Wear

"Lipstick, be it matte or satin, has never really been my thing—I'm a gloss girl through and through. I've tried hundreds, but I always come back to this plumping formula from Lawless. It's the perfect tacky-to-silky ratio, has just the right amount of shine, and perhaps most importantly is super hydrating. I tend to switch back and forth between Daisy Pink and Glazed, but all the shades have my stamp of approval." —Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor, Marie Claire

"I was never a lip plumper fan until I got my hands on this Lawless one. While most formulas tend to tingle and burn, this one applies just like a gloss and leaves my lips with a refreshing cooling feeling that subtly plumps and hydrates. Plus, I can’t get enough of the various shades – from baby to pink to sheer red. I came for the plump, but stayed for the gloss." —Katie Intner, Associate Beauty Editor, Harper's Bazaar

"I’ve turned to this Dior gloss for about four years now. It comes with me everywhere and consistently delivers shiny, plump and—most importantly to me—smooth lips. When my purse was stolen with this lip gloss inside, it was the first product I had to replace. Sure, there are other glosses out there that I like, but like a favorite sweater, this one is reliable, comfortable to wear, and goes with anything. I like to wear it on its own or on top of a lipstick to add some shine." —Catharine Malzahn, Beauty Assistant, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Prevention

"I absolutely love the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss in Rosewood. It delivers the perfect natural looking color, a subtle mint flavor and it's not overly tacky like a lot of lip glosses. Every time I wear it, people ask about it. It's become a staple product for me and my clients." —Kristin Hilton, celebrity makeup artist

"In application, this is definitely a lip treatment, like an Aquaphor. But in finish, it’s glossy. I’ll do a lip liner, Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk or Kosas Hotliner, and then glide the Rhode Lip Treatment over top—silently, because it doesn’t make that embarrassing sound when you pull a doe foot out of a lip gloss tube. My lips look shiny, not obviously-glossed, for hours. If you’re torn between flavors, I’d recommend the salted caramel." —Megan Decker, Beauty Editor, Refinery29

"My favorite lip gloss is Suqqu Flawless Lip Gloss as the array of colors are stunning. I love the nude and brown tone glosses. I especially love the Ladyish Beige Flawless Lip Gloss, as it looks so natural. It’s a color I just love, and it suits everyone. The gloss itself is rich and translucent, which plumps the lips. It’s perfection, and the packaging is to die for." —Naoko Scintu, celebrity makeup artist

"My favorite gloss is the Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss. It's super shiny, without being sticky. It also comes in the most beautiful colors and keeps your lips moisturized." —Katrina Klein, celebrity makeup artist

"I have to go with the product I created, Bloss! It's a gloss and balm hybrid that softens lips, provides hydration, and gives a gorgeous glossy color all in one. It also has some amazing ingredients like peppermint oil, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. I wanted to create a lineup of universal shades as well so all of the colors are super wearable and the color is subtle yet buildable. Try it, your lips will thank you." —Jamie Greenberg, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Jamie Makeup

"My favorite lip gloss has always been Mac Lip Glass because it is just slick enough and just viscous enough, not too tacky, and really really shiny. It's my most dependable lip gloss." —William Scott, Celebrity Makeup Artist