These Heels Are So Coveted That They've Repeatedly Sold Out During the Pandemic

While most fashion news coverage over the past year was dominated by talk of house dresses, slippers, and sweats, an interesting thing was occurring: Amina Muaddi's whimsical, thoroughly fancy heels remained wildly popular. The heels average four inches in height and prices range from $650 to $1500 (and up), but that hasn't stopped them from repeatedly selling out on the various luxury retail sites the brand is sold on. I'd like to add a disclaimer: While the heel is high, most feature a sturdy pyramid-tipped heel, which has become a signature of the brand.

If you asked me to name the most photogenic designer shoes on the market right now, I wouldn't hesitate to say Amina Muaddi. This surely explains why celebrities such as Rihanna and Kendall Jenner count themselves as Amina Muaddi fans, and I couldn't tell you how many pairs I scroll across on Instagram any given week. The fact that Muaddi's sparkly, special occasion-worthy shoes (which are designed in Paris and produced in Italy) have remained such an It item throughout the pandemic is really a testament to their popularity.

As vaccination rates rise in our country, here's hoping we'll all have somewhere to wear beautiful heels again in 2021. If you want those heels to be Amina Muaddi, keep scrolling to shop 16 pairs that are actually in stock (for now) and see which pairs influencers are snagging.

Amina Muaddi shoes are instantly recognizable, as you can see.

They're not red, but I'm getting Wizard of Oz vibes nonetheless.

Amina Muaddi rainbow heels



Introducing the most non-dated leopard shoes on the market.

Amina Muaddi shoes


Amina Muaddi x Fenty shoes



If I saw someone wearing these while I was out, I'd know it was a good night.

So many trends are happening here, and it works beautifully.

It's hard not to be drawn to these glittery heels.