Alexa's Hair Always Looks So Good Thanks to These 6 Products

It has been over a decade since Alexa Chung first appeared on our screens as a presenter of T4's cult morning music show, Popworld, replacing Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver. And while Chung and her co-host Alex Zane might not have been able to rival the previous power duo in the sarcasm department, there was one area that Chung immediately began making waves in: her fashion and beauty choices. Yes, 2006 was the year that Alexa put fringes and eyeliner on the beauty map, with basically every teenage girl I knew immediately rushing to the hairdresser to request Alexa-style bangs. And in the 13 years that have followed, not much has really changed. Alexa has been serving up some of the best (and most-copied) hairstyles in the business ever since.


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So what's Alexa's secret to enjoying a good hair day every day? Turns out there are a handful of hair products Chung swears by for getting that cool-girl look at home—and they're all under £23.


#1: Klorane Shampoo
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As a regular hair-washer—"I wash it every day because I have to; it gets so greasy," Chung told Into the Gloss—Alexa relies on French pharmacy brand Klorane for their gentle cleansing formulations. "I do have to switch up shampoos quite regularly because otherwise my hair will get used to it and I'll get build-up, or it starts going really greasy," she explained. "I just found a Klorane Shampoo With Quinine and B Vitamins, which leaves you with a nice dry texture."


#2: L'Oreal Professionnel Shampoo
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We've already established that Alexa likes to use a few different shampoos to prevent her hair getting used to the formulations but she always comes back to this one from L'Oréal Professionnel. "It genuinely transforms your hair," Chung told Vogue. "I have the Recreate version, which adds volume and makes my hair really shiny. I know it's my job to say that, but all my friends have told me how beautiful my hair looks."


#3: Dry Shampoo
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Alexa credits dry shampoo with creating her trademark effortless hair look at home. Although she doesn't seem fussed which brand she uses, this new one from Ouai is particularly good at soaking up oil if your hair gets greasy quickly like Alexa's. "I wash it every day. I then wait for it to half-dry and then twist it [and] either pin it into small buns and hope for the best or twist it a lot," Chung told Byrdie. "I also have to massage my scalp a lot to give it lift. I use … dry shampoo in the roots. I don't use a lot of product."


#4: Pureology Conditioner
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To keep her hair wash lasting longer, Alexa just uses conditioner on the very ends of her hair. "It helps keep my fringe from getting too greasy," she explained to Into the Gloss. "For conditioner, I like Pureology Pure Volume."


#5: L'Oréal Professionnel Hair Oil
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Alexa's hair always looks so damn shiny, and it turns out her secret is argan oil. "I’m fairly low maintenance with my hair, and I don't really use a lot of haircare products," she told Vogue. "I use dry shampoo, and if the ends of my hair are dry, I use L'Oréal’s Mythic Oil."


#6: Texture Spray
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While Alexa has a "pathological fear of using products in my hair because, again, it's so greasy," she does use texturising sprays for styling. "I do like the Wella Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray … in the back at the crown to give it some volume," she told Into the Gloss. "But it's like cement, so you have to use it so sparingly. You don't just pour it straight onto the top; I lift up pieces up and dust it in beneath."

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Mica Ricketts