This Face Shape Suits a Full Fringe Best, According to a Hair Expert

I can't remember a time when my go-to hairstyle didn't involve a fringe. Over the years, it has fluctuated between being shorter than recommended after an ill-advised attempt at self-styling and almost fully grown-out, but I feel most like myself when I'm sporting a full, thick fringe that sits just on my eyebrows. But it turns out lots of people are absolutely terrified of fringes. In fact, a quick poll of the office revealed that most of the team would be too nervous to take the leap to a full-on fringe—although they could maybe be tempted by a softer, French-girl fringe.

Reasons for their reluctance ranged from a full fringe being too high maintenance (I'm inclined to agree, as, at the time of writing this, mine currently resembles an unloved mop and keeps poking me in the eyeballs because I'm so in need of a trim) to not having the right face shape to pull one off. So I decided it was time to call on the hair experts to dispel the myths about full fringe hairstyles—from the face shapes they suit best to how to look after them when you're in-between hair appointments.


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Keep scrolling for all the advice you could need as well as some of the best full-fringe hairstyle inspiration from some of my favourite celebrities and fashion girls.

What face shape suits a full fringe best?


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"Getting a fringe is an instant style statement and caneasilyupdate any look—it's a way to accessorise, but for hair," explained Carly Price, partner stylist at Muse of London. "Before you go for the chop, work out what length it should be, from blunt-cut bangs, soft, side-swept locks or a peekaboo fringe… There are many different options, but beware as certain fringes suit certainface shapes. For example, fringes can make a circular face appear fuller, so the right cut is key."

When it comes to a full fringe, in particular, Gareth Bromell, global brand ambassador for Evo Hair, says they suit a square or long face shape best. "Fringes can suit any face shape depending on the style," he advised. "But the best shape for a full fringe is square or a long face shape, the illusion is that they soften the strong jawline."

If you don't have a square or a long face (I have a decidedly round one), don't let that put you off. I love a full fringe and always have. Price has some other recommendations up her sleeve for other face shapes… "For a circular face, I always recommend a graphic, curved fringe that's quite thick; it will flatter the bone structure. Oval faces suit most fringe shapes, but on-trend and pin-straight fringes will reallyaccentuate the face without feeling too heavy or thick."

How much maintenance does a full fringe require?


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"Full fringes do take quite a lot of maintenance, therefore, it's important to take this into account when opting for this style, considering if it will suit your lifestyle and if you have enough time on your hands to maintain your fringe," said Karen Thomson, owner and director of KAM Hair and Body Spa and current Scottish Hairdresser of the Year.

You'll need to pay particular attention to your fringe and get into the habit of using a flat oval brush to blow-dry your hair at home to keep it looking its best. A fringe can also become frizzy, so prior to styling your fringe at home, it's important to prep the hair with a smoothing cream or serumAnd in terms of trips to the hairdresser's? "Fringes should be cut every two weeks to keep a strong shape," advised Bromell.

How can you keep your fringe looking its best in-between hair washes?


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"Make dry shampoo your best friend," recommends Suzie McGill, owner of Rainbow Room International's Uddingston Salon and Schwarzkopf Ambassador. "Dry shampoo is great to use to prolong your hair and fringe which, in particular, can get greasy pretty quickly if you're styling it often. It's also important to understand that your fringe can get oily quicker than the rest of your hair. Therefore, I always advise shampooing every couple of days using a minimal amount of shampoo."

Bromell agrees: "I recommend Evo's Water Killer Dry Shampoo (£21) to keep the oil at bay—especially as you'll be touching your fringe a lot!"

What are some low-maintenance full-fringe alternatives?


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"Having a full fringe cut into your hair is a super quick and easy way to instantly change your look and give you a fresh edge. However, it does require a lot of commitment and maintenance," advised Krysia Eddery, owner of Perfectly Posh Hair Design. "You need to be fully prepared to commit and understand the upkeep that will be required.

"If you're happy with this, a full fringe will work brilliantly for you—there are lots of variations you can choose from, and your stylist will be able to advise what will work best for your face shape and hair type. If you're a bit hesitant, a wispy fringe worn to the side is another option. This requires less commitment and is easier to grow out, so perhaps try this first before taking the plunge and opting for a full fringe."

See the celebrities and fashion girls with the best full-fringe hairstyles…


Yara Shahidi
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Yes, a full fringe looks amazing on curly hair too, as Yara demonstrates with her tight coils.


Mila Kunis
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Mila contrasts her soft, wavy lob with a blunt and choppy full fringe.


Megan Ellaby
(Image credit: @MEGANELLABY)

Long strands + full fringe = hair goals from Megan Ellaby.


Kelly Rowland
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

I can't get enough of Kelly Rowland's full fringe and updo for this red carpet hairstyle. Look at that shine.


Katherine Ormerod
(Image credit: @KATHERINE_ORMEROD)

This is the kind of full fringe hairstyle that I hope to emulate on a daily basis. Katherine, you've nailed it.


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

How amazing does Zendaya's kinky, full-fringe look with her bouncy coils?


Caitlin Miyako Taylor
(Image credit: @CAITLINMIYAKO)

Keep the beach waves running through your full fringe for an effortless cool-girl hairstyle like Caitlin's.


Tyra Banks
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

I'm totally obsessed with Tyra's blunt bangs and blonde hair.


Sophia Rosemary
(Image credit: @SOPHIA_ROSEMARY)

bob teamed with a full fringe like Sophia's is such a classic hairstyle.


Taylor Swift
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Definitely full but slightly more feathery, Taylor's fringe updo is a good starting point if you're thinking about venturing into full fringe territory.


Charlize Theron
(Image credit: @CHARLIZEAFRICA)

Charlize's latest chop is so damn chic. And that full fringe just completes the look perfectly. 

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