Everyone We Know With Great Skin Uses This Basic Oil

It might be the controversial skin product that experts and beauty gurus can't seem to agree on, but there's no doubt that people love using oils—and there's one, in particular, that seems to be having a resurgence in popularity recently. It first landed back on my radar a few weeks ago when our editor in chief, Hannah Almassi, arrived back in the office after a weekend spent with a friend who was raving about the benefits of this one oil in particular. Turns out this lady has the most amazing skin, and it's all down to a cleanse-and-moisturise routine using just this one product.

Since then, I've spotted celebs like Pixi Geldof raving about the same oil on Instagram and—with a bit of digging—have unearthed a whole load of other A-listers who swear by the stuff.


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The oil in question? Argan oil. A quick breakdown on the science behind it: Argan oil is an all-natural plant oil that's derived from the seeds of the argan tree—a plant most commonly found in Morocco. It has a high fatty acid content and is naturally rich in vitamin E, meaning it's amazing at moisturising skin and hair.


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Unlike Hannah's friend who uses argan oil for pretty much everything skin-related, Pixie Geldof took to Instagram last week to declare her love for using it to care for her bleached blonde hair. Describing it as "the simplest and best way to control my hair," Geldof's argan oil of choice is the Maria Nila True Soft Argan Oil (£20). 

"I put it on when my hair is wet and then brush my hair back (like in this pic), and it dries like normal hair, not fluffy, duckling hair! Like magic," said Geldof.



And Pixie isn't the only celebrity to swear by argan oil. Emma Stone loves it too, revealing to Allure that it's the first product that she puts on in the morning and the last one that she applies at night. "Truly. I put it on all throughout the day, too," Stone said.


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"I oil my fingertips. I have a nice Moroccan oil in my toiletry bag, and I always tie my hair up in a silk scarf every night—that's my hair trick," said Kelly Rowland in an interview with Glamour

The singer's hairstylist also revealed that he swore by argan oil to create Kelly's glam hair looks as a judge on The X Factor

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"Because I'm always on the go, I make sure to have quick fixes on hand all the time. One of my new favourites is the Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil [a brand of argan oil]," Richie told Glamour. "It's the quickest way to add lightweight shine and helps condition my hair. Doesn't hurt that it also smells amazing."

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