Solved: The Fashion Gripe Every '90s Girl Will Understand


Collage Vintage

Recently, one of my über-stylish co-workers, MyDomaine Editorial Director Sacha Strebe, asked me if I knew where she could get a camisole with ultra-thin straps (see also: proof of interaction). At first, it felt like a strange request. Spaghetti straps? They're everywhere, I thought to myself until I started sending her links to a few pieces I thought fit the bill, to which she continuously responded, "Not thin enough!"

Needless to say, there is a necessity and desire for those barely there, delicate OG '90s-girl straps because believe it or not, they are kind of difficult to track down. After some thorough hunting, I managed to round up a handful of straps so thin that you might even forget you have them at all. Thanks to Sacha, I now have a new appreciation for the delicate detail, and I think you will too after shopping the selection ahead.

Go on to shop the ultra-thin straps '90s girls will truly appreciate.