This Is the One Item I Guarantee Every French Girl Has in Her Closet RN

Whether it's "Oui" or "Non," I trust French women to tell it how it is when it comes to anything fashion. In the case of the slip dress, the answer is a loud and united "Oui." I wanted to do a little experiment and find out which dress style all of the French girls on my Instagram feed were depending on. Amongst babydoll silhouettes and puff-sleeves, I noticed that slip dresses were the one item that all of my favorite fashion girls across the pond were leaning on.

I can't think of a more dependable item in my wardrobe than the classic slip dress. It literally has gone everywhere with me, from late nights to exciting trips with friends and even to bed! It's funny to think that the item that has become such a routine out and about piece for us was originally initiated as nothing but a sleeping gown. Well, we can thank the '90s for changing that.

Spotted on cultural icons from experimentative Kate Moss to the traditional Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy this dress was truly made for any woman. I'm sure you already have a slip dress or two in your closet so this article will surely come in handy. Have a little scroll and you'll discover 10 new ways to wear yours, and a few new ones worth buying into. 

Straight Up

Slip dress outfits



Wearing nothing but a slip dress never fails. This simple look will take you from casual date nights to extravagant weddings.

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The 2022 update on the slip dress that sold out last year, I guarantee this one will go fast too.

Silk on Silk

While most people opt for a cotton poplin button-down over their slip dress, why don't you try pairing yours with a silk one? The fabrics look so fabulous together. 

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Summer Whites

Best slip dress outfits



Nothing wins me over faster than an all-white outfit. So chic and sophisticated—makes me miss summer! You have to try this out.

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Doubles as a wedding dress if you're planning that sorta thing.

I heard from my coworkers this shirt is so good, I have to try it.

Leather Weather

Polka dots are such a French girl move so if you're planning on wearing a slip dress might as well add the playful pattern to the mix. I love how good it looks with a leather jacket.

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It stretches and moves with your body so well.

Cutouts Galore

Cut-Outs Galore:
Slip dress outfits with cutouts



If you already have a plethora of slip dresses in your closet, I bet you don't have this one. Adding cutouts is such a fun idea to give the classic silhouette a modern twist.

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In love with the color blocking here.

Colorful Cutie

Slip dress outfits for at-home



Introducing some brights into your closet is never a bad idea. Playing around with different combinations has become my hobby and I highly suggest you do it too. Orange and pink are so good together.

Summer in South of France

I've never seen an outfit that screams South of France more than this one and I'm obsessed. Let's just book our flights now, okay? But I am actually ordering this look for every single vacation.

I've been dreaming about these sneakers for a while now.

Business Casual

Slip dress outfit



Get ready for the workweek in style. I love any opportunity to add a blazer to my look and a slip dress is no exception. This is an easy way to guarantee an A+ on your look.

Printed blazers are selling out fast, so don't wait.

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