The Swimsuit Brands I Always Recommend to My Friends

One of the perks of my job is being the go-to in my friend group when it comes to style and brand recommendations. Whether it’s where to buy the coolest jeans for the new season or the best places to buy stylish leggings, I’m always ready to share my insider recommendations. Today, I took it one step further by sharing some of my favorite swimsuit brands at the moment and offering a peek at how they look IRL (no filters, just selfies). With swim and vacation season right around the corner, you can use this as a helpful guide to kick-start your bathing suit shopping shenanigans.

From Insta-bait bikinis to under-the-radar brands like Oresee (an Italian swimwear line my co-worker Lauren and I legitimately freak over), these are the brands at the top of my list this summer. I’ll let you discover your favorite below, but if there’s one brand that surprised me the most (in the best way possible), it’s Aerie Swim. Not only did the style I tried fit great, but the price is incredibly affordable. See and shop the brands I’m recommending to my friends ahead.



(Image credit: @mscanga)

I actually own this suit in two different sizes and have to say the difference in sizing is subtle, but I ended up preferring the medium fit (pictured above), particularly in the top because the looser fit offered an exaggerated scoop neckline.

Aerie Swim


(Image credit: @mscanga)

Aerie’s swimwear selection has a little bit of everything for everyone (including sizes 16 and above), and the best part is the price tag. If you like a high-rise bikini, I highly recommend buying these ribbed cheeky bottoms.

Solid & Striped


(Image credit: @mscanga)

While Solid & Striped is already a go-to for most girls looking for a quality swimsuit, this season I’m favoring the brand’s tankini paired with 2018’s version of the string bikini bottom. Everyone’s buying S&S’s belted suits right now, so why not try something different?

Peony Swimwear


(Image credit: @mscanga)

Add Peony to the list of covetable swimsuit lines based in Australia. The brand should be your go-to for dainty prints and pretty bikini and one-piece options.



(Image credit: @mscanga)

I was actually introduced to Waikini (another Aussie-based line) through one of my good friends (hi, Lindsay), who found the brand on the gram. It’s safe to say Waikini swimsuits are most likely to make it onto your Discover page of IG. It’s also worth noting that this particular style is made of ribbed knit, so take a close look at the details when ordering from the site.

Sidenote: I 100% plan to get double the use out of this bikini and wear the top as a layering piece.

Frankies Bikinis


(Image credit: @mscanga)

This was also one of my favorite styles that I tried on. The neckline and thick straps placed slightly off my shoulders made me feel so French. You can’t really tell in this photo, but this suit is actually a light, light dusty rose color, which I love. I can’t get enough of all things candy-colored right now, in fact, so bravo, Frankies Bikinis.

Hunza G


(Image credit: @mscanga)

I’ve wanted to try a Hunza G swimsuit for a few years now, and it was worth the wait. As much as I love the brand’s signature ruffled strapless set, this summer I’m especially into this set featuring a tortoiseshell circle ring.

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