15 Jewelry Brands for Minimalists

If you’re a sucker for dainty, barely there jewelry, we’ll go ahead and guess that you love a sleek and polished look. To embellish your super-simple style just a smidge, today we’re sharing our favorite minimal-inspired jewelry brands for you to explore. From Insta-famous brands you probably see all over your social feeds to under-the-radar lines worth bookmarking, here’s where we find the coolest simple yet stylish dainty jewels.

Whether you’re looking to update your go-to T-shirt–and-jeans look with a shiny gold pendant or hoping to find a new signature jewelry piece that’s perhaps even monogrammed with your initials, we’ve got you covered with the best jewelry brands for minimalists. Keep reading to check out the items your friends are sure to covet.

1. Cinco

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Cinco



We recently discovered this Portugal-based jewelry brand as we were on the hunt for the perfect gold pendant necklaces. It gets better, too. Almost all of Cinco’s accessories ring in under $100.

2. BaubleBar

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: BaubleBar



You'll find everything you want—from unique rings to gorgeous earrings—at this fashion-favorite brand.

3. Stella and Bow

Dainty Jewelry Brands:  Stella and Bow


Stella and Bow

While everything this must-try brand stocks is beautiful, we're especially into all of the chic rings.

4. Sarah Chloe

Sarah Chloe


Sarah Chloe

Sarah Chloe is known for its signature signet rings and personalization design bar. The Lana pinky ring is a Who What Wear office favorite right now.

5. Catbird NYC

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Catbird NYC


Catbird NYC

Catbird is your stop for teeny-tiny, stackable rings and earrings.

6. Gabriela Artigas

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Gabriela Artigas


Gabriela Artigas

The sisters behind Gabriela Artigas create everyday statement jewelry you can effortlessly transition from day to night.

7. Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Minimalist Jewelry Brands:  Ariel Gordon


Photographer: Emma Feil

Ariel Gordon creates dainty pieces that are perfect for layering.

8. GiantLion

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Giantlion



Each handcrafted piece is inspired by nature, history, and symbology.

9. Brvtvs

This New York–based jewelry line blends hard and soft touches to produce pieces that are dainty and refined.

10. Jacquie Aiche

Minimalist Jewelry Brands:  jacquie Aiche


Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche’s mission is “to create jewelry that will make every woman look and feel uniquely beautiful,” according to the site. Mission accomplished!

11. Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Jennifer Zeuner


Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry offers personalized necklaces that are super stylish.

12. Monica Vinader

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Monica Vinader


Monica Vinader

If you’re looking for a simple and sleek bracelet, Monica Vinader is your answer!

13. Sarah and Sebastian

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Sarah and Sebastian


Sarah and Sebastian

This Australian design label will quickly become your go-to for timeless, quality jewelry.

14. Vrai

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Vrai and Oro



You can easily work these beautiful jewelry basics into your office or weekend wardrobe.

15. Wwake

Minimalist Jewelry Brands:  Wwake


Photo by Merdith Jenks, Courtesy of WWAKE

Wwake has the coolest collection of uniquely designed rings.

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