7 Things Selena Gomez Never Wears Anymore

Allyson Payer

The world is enamored with Selena Gomez (hence her 116 million—and counting—Instagram followers), and that includes an obsession with pretty much everything the It girl wears. Ever since she started working with stylist Kate Young (who also counts Sienna Miller, Dakota Johnson, and Michelle Williams as clients), her style has become more polished and high-fashion, which ultimately means that there are certain things we've been seeing her wear less and less.

That said, when we sifted through her many outfits over the years (the girl has been famous for a long time), we couldn't help but notice that she's tried a lot of trends at least once. And that's one of the things we love about her. Her style is constantly evolving, and she's clearly willing to try new looks. But for now, these are the seven things she seems to have taken a break from.

Keep scrolling to see them all, and shop the trends that Gomez is wearing instead!

Have you noticed any other fashion items that Selena Gomez skips these days? Let us know in the comments!

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