This Meet-the-Parents Outfit Idea Is a Universal Crowd-Pleaser

With the holiday season in full swing, some of us will be accepting one of the most nail-biting dating challenges: meeting our significant other's parents. Whether you have to plan a major trip to see them or they live in the very same town as you, it can be a nerve-racking experience, to put it mildly.

Of all the stresses involved, the question of what you're going to wear is often paramount. You want to make a good impression, but it's more than that: You want to communicate a few things with your outfit: maturity, responsibility, kindness, warmth, intelligence. This is far from an all-inclusive list of traits you might want to convey upon first meeting—i.e., it's a tall order. Well, we did some digging and came up with a singular outfit idea we think is the ultimate parent-pleaser this holiday season.

Keep scrolling to see what we think will win them over every time!



The formula: An oversize sweater + a modest-length pencil skirt + a really solid pair of ankle boots = parent-meeting outfit gold.

Anja Rubik went for this look to attend Nina Ricci's show in Paris (pictured), and considering her supermodel status, of course it's easy for her to pull off any look—but we would argue that she looks significantly more approachable in this look than in her normal off-duty uniform. Yet she's as chic as ever, and she obviously put thought into her look; this approachable yet polished combo makes it the perfect thing to wear when you want to make a solid first impression!

Now that you know what to wear up top, get your shoe game in order with some of our favorite ankle boots

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