The New Class of "Ugly" Trends for Fall 2019

The fashion scene loves nothing more than subverting expectations and throwing up the middle finger to antiquated fashion rules. The new prevailing fashion mentality puts unique personal style front and center, inspiring people to dress for no one but themselves. That ideology is exactly what sparked the sartorial world’s obsession with “ugly” fashion. Ugly fashion is one big tongue-in-cheek response to dressing for one’s body or choosing “flattering” clothing. What was once considered lowbrow has become cool and is now worn both ironically and unironically. If you’re still confused, just think back to how Birkenstocks, once the premiere middle-class dad sandal of the century, became a fashion-girl staple, inspiring a legion of high-end designer copycats.

As is the way of fashion, even ugly fashion trends are cyclical, a new crop coming in and out with each passing season. In anticipation of fall, we’ve rounded up five “ugly” items that are going to be big come September. Read on to see which styles you should keep on your radar.

Power Shoulders

Larger-than-life shoulders have slowly been dripping into fashion collections for the last few seasons. What started with the return of an exaggerated '80s shoulder pad inspired the puffy-sleeve trend and boxy blazer silhouettes. Fall 2019's shoulder detailing ups the ante with additions like ruffles and florals that contrast well with sharp tailoring.

Edna Mode–Approved Capes

This fall, we’re going up, up, and away. We never thought we'd see the day, but the cape-poncho hybrid is back in full force next season. This time around, steer clear of cloth styles that toe the cultural-appropriation line. Plenty of brands are launching trench coat capes and blazer capes that make for fun alternatives to ho-hum cold-weather coats.

Finally, a Practical Boot

Give your feet a much-needed break from those knee-high, heeled boots. This fall, add a mega-chunky lug-soled platform boot into the mix.

Not Your Grandma's Stockings

Expect to see legs adorned in statement tights as soon as fall hits. Anything from bright-colored stockings to bold-pattern tights is fair game.

Tourist-Chic Bucket Hats

This trend is already getting started. Bucket hats have become a commonplace influencer accessory, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Fall will be rife with big and bold bucket hats in every print imaginable.