7 Summer-Ready Outfits NYC Girls Are Wearing Over and Over Again

Having a personal stylist on speed dial has always been at the top of my bucket list. Alas, until I can sneak my way toward celebrity-dom, my best alternative for discovering unique, put-together outfits is through obsessively scrolling through my Instagram feed. I may love experimenting with fashion, but I love having a creative outline to kick-start my day with even more. 

New Yorkers aren't known for holding back, least of all with their fashion choices. The more trends one can stack, the merrier. They're proud maximalists, especially come summer when they can show off their layering prowess and print-mixing talent sans the puffer coat. Oversize blazers with rainbow-hued platform sneakers, Bermuda denim shorts and sporty sandals, leopard print paired with tie-dye, the New York–based ladies below show us how to successfully pull off all of the above. Get inspired with the seven outfits we'll be wearing again and again (and again) this summer. 

Monochromatic Suiting + Graphic Tee + Strappy Sandals

To avoid looking too formal, opt for suiting in colorful tones or light neutrals. 

A graphic tee is an easy trick to turn a suit into casual wear. 

Strappy heels are the quickly becoming the shoe of the summer.

Oversize Sweater + Denim Bermuda Shorts + Sporty Sandals

We prefer summer knitwear that has a little ventilation. 

Denim Bermuda shorts are the new basic to stock up on this season. 

You might want to get your hands on Teva x Outdoor Voices' popular collab ASAP since it's going fast. 

Hoop Earrings + Puffy-Sleeve Minidress + Woven Handbag

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic hoops. 

A white frock that's easy and breezy. 

Trade in your beloved basket bags for something a little fresher. 

Plaid Suiting + Drawstring Sweats + Chunky Sneakers

When picking out an oversize blazer, keep an eye out for sharp shoulder lines in order to avoid looking frumpy. 

We love when our pajamas double as trendy fare.

Statement sneakers will bring the whole look together. 

T-Shirt + Wide-Leg Khakis

A graphic tee that doesn't take itself too seriously. 

We're planning on living in these comfortable khakis all season long. 

Billowy Midi Dress + Hair Ribbon + Open-Toe Sandals

Take the guesswork out of tying the perfect ribbon bow with a scrunchie scarf instead. 

Tie-Dye Tops + Bias-Cut Silk Skirts

Tie-dye and leopard is surprisingly our new favorite print pairing of the year. 

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