It Turns Out These Are the Worst Tops to Wear With Leggings


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We'd never give you a hard no when it comes to wearing certain items with others, because first of all, wearing whatever makes you feel good is a proven mood booster. That said, there are certain "rules" we follow to create the most stylish outfits possible, and leggings tend to be one of those trickier-to-style pieces that we feel warrants some demonstration. After all, leggings have earned a long-lasting spot in our wardrobes for traveling, working out, and lounging.

As for what we'd never wear with leggings? Celebrity stylist Kate Young has a few opinions on the matter. Young works with every Hollywood It girl imaginable—Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson, the list goes on. She told us which are her favorite outfit combinations to wear with leggings, and which top styles to avoid if you want to dress as well as any of her clients.

Ready to take a master class in wearing leggings? Keep scrolling to find out the best and worst tops to wear with leggings.

SWAP Oversize T-Shirts

FOR a T-Shirt Knotted at the Waist

Big T-shirts are shapeless and often appear too sloppy-looking, even for the gym. Instead, Young recommends tying yours in a knot at the waist, hitting right above a pair of high-waisted leggings.


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SWAP Occasion and Going-Out Tops 

FOR Bright Outerwear

Whether or not you're headed to the gym, leggings are still considered an athleisure item, so we wouldn't recommend wearing them with fancier going-out tops. Make a statement instead with bright outerwear such as a windbreaker or bomber jacket.


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SWAP Bodysuits 

FOR Cropped Tank Tops and Activewear Tanks

Due to the very real potential of VPL, bodysuits are not the wisest choice in tops when wearing leggings. If you're headed out to an intense workout class, try pairing a cropped athletic tank with your leggings for head-to-toe mobility.


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SWAP Hoodies 

FOR Cropped Sweatshirts

We have nothing against hoodies on their own, but with leggings, they usually tend to obscure your waistline, essentially creating an unflattering silhouette. Cropped sweatshirts are a simple update that's way more stylish.


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SWAP Tight-Fitting Jackets

 FOR Oversize Denim Jackets

I have a general rule when it comes to wearing leggings, and that is to balance out the formfitting pants with a looser jacket.


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