What Gen Z Is Really Wearing to Graduation

Graduation is a time of hope, optimism, possibilities, and, most of all, celebration. After a year like 2020, we all deserve to do some celebrating—especially graduates who made it through months of remote learning and Zoom classes. Since it's been a while since I graduated myself, I was curious about what Gen Z will be wearing to their ceremonies, given that fashion has changed, and we're all starting to reemerge after the pandemic and go big after living in sweats for months. Plus, Gen Z has a way of putting together insanely cool outfits and embracing trends in the most unique ways, so graduation will likely be no different. 

I decided to go straight to the source and find out what graduates are really wearing this year. It seems that people are gravitating toward dresses that are less formal and more fun, dresses that reflect their personal style, make a bold statement, and celebrate the milestone of closing one chapter and starting a new one. Below, hear what graduates have to say about their outfit choices and shop the best graduation dresses if you're still on the hunt. 

The best graduation dresses, according to Gen Z



"I opted for a blue dress instead of a typical white dress because, although I will be walking for graduation, it is going to be a more casual event with just my business school. I have already taken graduation photos with my friends in our white dresses, so I figured I could have more fun for this ceremony, especially since I haven't had many chances to wear a colorful dress in the past year!" Emily O'Brien, Fordham University graduate

Emily's blue version is out of stock, but this red mini is equally special for the occasion. 

The best graduation dresses



"For my graduation, I wore the iconic Réalisation Christy Sunflower Dress. I have always resonated strongly with both sunflowers and the color yellow, so this dress was the perfect combination of both! I felt like a radiant queen in it! And of course, I couldn't go without my Jennifer Fisher hoops." Fabi Cruz, Louisiana State University graduate 

This dress just makes you smile. 

The best graduation dresses



"For graduation this year, I'll be wearing a red dress since I'm graduating from Ohio State! I love the classic white dress but want to wear something different that'll stand out! I'm planning on a red satin slip dress with a cowl neckline or possibly a one-shoulder dress. I'm so excited to be graduating soon and can't wait for the future." — Tyra Fisher, Ohio State University graduate 

Red is definitely a trending color for graduation this year. 

The best dresses for graduation



"I will be wearing a dress by Bronx and Banco called the Valentina Bow Dress. The dress was gifted to me when I assisted the brand for NYFW, and I thought it would be perfect for graduation."Cassidy Franco, Fashion Institute of Technology graduate 

The bow detailing feels celebratory yet classic at the same time. 

"I will be graduating in style with Sabo Skirt's Zana Dress. Stand out, be unique, chic, and express your beauty. White is just as bold as red!" — Becca Devine, Fashion Institute of Technology graduate

The details really make this dress stand out. 

Shop more graduation dresses:

You can never go wrong with florals. 

You'll wear this for so many different occasions. 

Buy for graduation, wear all summer. 

I'm obsessed with this sleeve detailing. 

Talk about a dress you can wear to everything. 

The sheen on this one feels so celebratory. 

Black is always a good choice. 

There are so many pretty little details on this one. 

Simple and classic, but in a pop color. 

Wear this dress and prepare yourself for compliments. 

Florals just scream graduation (in a good way). 

This looks equally cute with sandals and sneakers. 

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