Calling All 2022 Graduates: 33 Perfect Dresses to Wear on the Big Day

Graduation is a time of hope, optimism, possibilities, and, most of all, celebration. While you may be wearing a shiny gown for the most part, it's still a big decision when deciding what to wear. While I didn't get to have a graduation ceremony (class of 2020, please rise!), I decided to live vicariously through 2022 graduates and do a little dress shopping. It seems as though the internet algorithm can tell I'm feeling a little FOMO, as my social media feed has consisted of people sharing their fashion woes for the big day ahead. I took their thoughts into consideration and scanned the market for the best options for the occasion, from pristine white dresses to unique and trendier silhouettes.

Whether you're looking for a dress that's more fun or one that's inherently more formal, I've found a variety of dresses that'll work for any preference. If you're still on the hunt for the dress, keep scrolling to shop 33 of the best options I found across all our favorite retailers.

You'll be able to wear this for graduation and many occasions ahead.

The TikTok girlies are obsessed with this one.

You can't go wrong with a satin number.

Live out your cottagecore dreams with this one.

Take this dress from graduation to summer vacation.

For the ones who want to play it unique and trendy.

Perfectly airy for the summer.

Play off the metallic in the dress with some gold heels.

A classic white mini is a foolproof option for the big day.

If you're in the mood to play around with color, this is the dress for you.

This dress has gone viral for a reason.

Linen is the perfect material for staying cool under your gown.

Sometimes, simplicity is the route to go for.

I love how the texture continues on the straps.

I know many want to wear white for graduation, but how can you resist this baby-blue option?

Reformation's dresses are known to fit so well.

Yes, you read that correctly—it's a jumpsuit and a dress.

I actually love that this is cream and not pristine white.

This looks so comfortable, which is something you should prioritize since the ceremony can often get a little long.

The right way to do cutouts for the big day.

I'm not the biggest fan of prints for graduation, but this one is just perfect.

If I were graduating, this is what I'd opt for.

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