7 New Work Essentials to Buy in 2019

As we’ve pointed out with basics, undergarments, and footwear, every once in a while these staples need a subtle reboot. Today we’re slightly shifting gears and focusing on new essentials to add to your office-ready wardrobe. Workwear items like white blouses and polished blazers might not be the most exciting items to shop for, but they play an important part in looking the part at your job. To ensure you’re workwear staples are up to par with looking your absolute best during your 9-to-5, we’ve created a list of seven simple items to prioritize the next time you’re shopping for what to wear to the office.

Each perfectly stylish item will effortlessly update your everyday style and can easily be worked into your office outfit rotation. We selected things like cool cardigans you can also wear on the weekend with your favorite jeans and reworked white blouses to replace your basic button-down options. Whether you’re looking to update your work staples right away or planning to reboot your selection in the New Year, be sure to put the below seven basics at the top of your list. Shop the best career pieces to freshen your everyday office style for 2019.