I've Worked in Fashion for 6 Years—Here's What I'll Never Wear Again


@mscangaEd. note: I'd 100% wear this outfit again.

If you’re familiar with my byline, then you know I’m your girl for what’s going on in the denim world, your personal designer (resale) shopper, a bikini and swimwear connoisseur, and an accidental lingerie trend spotter. You also know from reading one of my last articles of 2018 that there’s one shoe style I completely refuse to wear. Today I’m adding to the list of (ahem) clothing “passes” and sharing the five pieces I’d probably not wear again.

After working in fashion for six years, I’ve discovered a fat handbook of new brands, traveled around the world attending fashion weeks, and learned a lot about my personal style. By learned, I mean I’ve honed my wardrobe and what truly fits my style. It’s still a work in progress for sure, but today is all about what I’ve learned so far, starting with the clothing my 2019 self would kindly pass on. Scroll down to learn more about my personal style.