I've Worked in Fashion for 6 Years—Here's What I'll Never Wear Again

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@mscangaEd. note: I'd 100% wear this outfit again.

If you’re familiar with my byline, then you know I’m your girl for what’s going on in the denim world, your personal designer (resale) shopper, a bikini and swimwear connoisseur, and an accidental lingerie trend spotter. You also know some of the tricks I live by as a short woman. Today I’m adding to the list of tips but this time its clothing “passes.” That's right, I'm sharing the five pieces I’d probably not wear again.

After working in fashion for six years, I’ve discovered a fat handbook of new brands, traveled around the world attending fashion weeks, and learned a lot about my personal style. By learned, I mean I’ve honed my wardrobe and what truly fits my style. It’s still a work in progress for sure, but today is all about what I’ve learned so far, starting with the clothing my more recent self would kindly pass on. Scroll down to learn more about my personal style.

1. Pleated Midi Skirts

There’s nothing wrong with pleated skirts. Every season designers find ways to put a fresh spin on the silhouette, but it’s simply just not for me. I typically wear pants or jeans, and when I do opt for a skirt, it’s on the shorter side, like a summery denim number or something I’d wear on the weekend. Shop the bottoms you will find in my closet instead.

2. Pieces That Don't Fit Properly

I have to give myself some credit for making this slouchy crochet piece work, but truth be told, it never quite fit right when I purchased it. But it was on sale, so you know how that goes. With that said, over the years, I’ve learned to focus on pieces that hit properly and, if I do find a token item on sale that’s not quite my size, taking the time and effort to get it tailored. Shop my favorite pieces on sale below.

3. Watch-and–Wrap Bracelet Combo

This is what we called back in the day (aka seven years ago) an “arm party.” As you can see in the photo, I had the combo nailed, and it was a cool way to accessorize; it’s just not a combo I’d wear in the present day. I prefer a more streamlined and simple arm situation. Shop my favorite bracelets and rings below.

4. Boxy Blouses With the Front-Tuck Trick

Let me get specific: I’m talking about when you tuck in an oversize blouse and it ends up lending an unflattering look rather than a cool style trick. I bet you thought I’d call out the pastel colors or flared jeans pictured here, but I could see those are two trends coming around again, which is why I’m focusing on the styling trick. Shop my favorite tops at the moment below.

5. Boho Headpieces

With the exception of a themed party, Halloween, or perhaps music festival, I can confidently say I’ve retired the boho headband look. As for hair accessories in general, I am very much into headbands right now. Shop my favorites.

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