What I'm Wearing Instead of Leggings This Summer



Before everyone gets all up in arms, let me just say that I actually do like leggings. When I exercise, travel, or lounge at home, you can often find me wearing a pair—specifically, a high-waisted style from Alo. Beyond that, however, I’ve yet to come around to wearing them in most other scenarios. Whether I’m running out to get coffee, going to brunch, or headed out for a night on the town, unlike many of our favorite It girls, there are a handful of items I’d prefer to wear over the figure-hugging, stretchy pants because I simply feel more comfortable in them, both physically and mentally. See just what these items are below, read about why I prefer to wear them instead of leggings, and, of course, shop my picks for each one.

This post was published at an earlier date and has been recently updated.