Tired of Shopping for Wedding Guest Dresses? Try These Instead



After two years of wedding plans being canceled, rescheduled, and canceled again, it finally feels like all things bridal are back on solid ground. While that is good news for the many couples who had to rearrange their nuptials countless times due to the pandemic, it also means that we as wedding guests are booked and busy for the next few months. 

With weddings happening practically every weekend this spring and summer, there comes a need for things to wear to them. And no, you can't just wear the same sundress to every ceremony from May to October. (Though, you definitely should wear each one more than once.) Knowing that, we're suggesting a somewhat nontraditional outfit choice for at least a handful of the events on your calendar: a wedding guest jumpsuit

Just as appropriate for a wedding as a dress,  jumpsuits are perfect for a busy season like this one, especially if you've already burned through your wedding guest dress selection and are in need of something to wear that feels fresh. Throw on a decorative belt for an added twist, grab your favorite clutch, and strap on a pair of shoes that won't torture your feet on the dance floor. It really is as simple as that. 

Without further ado, scroll to shop the wedding-ready silhouette we're ditching dresses for this bridal season.

You'll want to wear this linen one-piece for a lot more than just weddings.

This jumpsuit is proof that wedding attire doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

Prepare to be labeled "best dressed attendee" at every wedding you wear this to.

The contrast straps make this onesie 100 times cooler.

This jumpsuit must be added to your wedding-circuit lineup. No ifs, ands, or buts.

The cutout and the draping details make this one-piece look super luxe.

I'm visibly freaking out over this cotton-candy jumpsuit. It's perfect.

You can't beat this price-to-style ratio.

I'll always support an off-the-shoulder moment. It's so classy and stunning.

This shade of green looks good on everyone.

Heels or sneakers, this jumpsuit goes with everything. 

Sometimes, simple is the best route to take.

Orange you glad you kept scrolling? I thought so.

Yep, this jumpsuit really is just $24. Wedding fashion has never been so affordable.

An elevated take on the boilersuit. 

Pack this up and take it on vacation, too. 

This neckline takes the (wedding) cake.