This Once-Dated Handbag Style Is En Route to a Comeback

White Pouch Wristlet Clutch Purse



There’s nothing we love more in fashion than an unexpected comeback, which is why the recent influx of clutch-purse sightings has us so excited. Ever since Bottega Veneta’s creative director, Daniel Lee, released his now-ubiquitous Pouch bag in the S/S 19 collection, brands have slowly begun testing out the handbag style that went out of vogue years ago. (Remember wristlets?) Now, similarly pillow-like clutches are everywhere, as are other clutch styles like mini drawstring sacks, lunch-bag look-alikes, and even standard-issue black envelope shapes. However odd it is to think that the purses we so often brought with us to middle school dances are cool again, it’s true: The clutch bag is back. 

We can’t give all the credit to Lee. Other beloved handbag designers such as Mansur Gavriel, Loewe, and Staud have also played a role in the return of the clutch purse, as have Cult Gaia, Simon Miller, and Little Liffner. Essentially, every brand that’s regularly spotted on Instagram has tossed its clutches into the ring, making it next to impossible for us to avoid getting a style of our own any longer. If you’re ready to welcome clutches back into your regular rotation, keep scrolling. 

Ahead, we rounded up the best designer clutch bags on the market right now, all of which feel surprisingly at home in 2021.

The Pouch Purse



The pouch-purse corner of the clutch category comes courtesy of Bottega Veneta, the Italian fashion brand behind the Pouch, which has been given stamps of approval by supermodel Kendall Jenner and designer Victoria Beckham. 

We love a bag that's recently been spotted in the elbow crooks of Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckham.

This bag looks like it costs a lot more than $49.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate this color choice.

We're never not going to love a bag that's shaped like a dumpling.

This convertible bag transitions from a clutch to a shoulder bag with two easy attachments.

With a price like that, it's hard not to click Add to Cart.

The perfect bag for when the winter blues start to set in.

The Drawstring Duffle

Think of today's drawstring clutches as modernized takes on the vintage pouches that you used to "borrow" from your grandma's closet and tote around during family reunions. This time around, rather than intricate beading and silk, designers are crafting their mini clutches out of ultra-soft leather. 

We're considering trading in all our black accessories for chocolate-brown ones. 

If you loosen the straps, this bag looks totally different.

Why have we been sleeping on gray accessories for so long?

This bag is giving off alien vibes—in a good way.

How good would this look with an oatmeal-colored suit?

The red tassles turn this otherwise simple clutch into a can't-miss accessory.

The Classic Envelope

You may have donated almost every clutch purse from the '00s years ago, but we'd be willing to bet that you held on to one that looks like this. A rectangular, likely black clutch bag could never go out of style. It's perfect for too many occasions, from black-tie galas and weddings to—as shown here—French fashion parties.

Croc may not be the newest trend on the fashion scene, but this clutch proves that it's still cool as ever. 

Fact: This bag will never be "out." 

Yes, we did just find the perfect going-out bag for winter.

A clutch from Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's go-to handbag brand? *Purchases immediately.*

Anything from Khaite is regret-proof. 

For when you need a bag that matches your silver jewelry.

You don't regularly see Moschino on deep discount, so when it is, you should act on it—and fast.

The Statement Maker

Blue Cow-print Clutch Bag



Whether it's because of size, color, or shape, a bag that makes a statement is always a plus. Clutches are no exception, which is probably why we're so smitten with the eye-catching styles below. 

Don't wait on this one—the black version already sold out.

You're going to get a lot of questions about this bag.

Every occasion calls for cow print if you ask us.

To remind you of summer when it feels way too far away.

The perfect companion for the upcoming holiday season.

The Wristlet



Though technically part of the clutch-bag family, the wristlet is special because really, it's not a clutch at all. In fact, it's the antithesis of the style in that, thanks to the trusty wrist strap, wristlets are entirely hands-free. 

If you haven't noticed yet, we love this color. 

If given the chance, we'd wear Lemaire every day.

For your next LBD-clad date night.

Anything named after a French pastry is going to be a yes for us.

Bonus: The other side of this bag is black.

The only thing we love more than an unexpected comeback is an Amazon fashion find.

Next up, the only bags worth investing in right now.