My BFF Thinks I'm Her Personal Shopper, so I Styled Her for a Beach Wedding

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Let me set the scene for you: At any given moment, an editor’s phone, Slack, or DMs will light up with a little notification. Questions about which trends are worth adopting for the summer, if buying from the newest rising brand is worth it, and general style inquiries are typically what’s poppin’ off in terms of conversations. While being your friends and family’s fashion confidante may seem like a lot, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to enjoying advising my friends about what to add to their shopping list or how to pack for a trip. For better or worse, I’ve trained the people in my circle to think of me as their personal stylist. So it was only natural that when my best friend, Cassidy, was invited to attend a beach wedding in Mexico, she FaceTimed me immediately to plan the looks. 

Over the span of four weeks, I sent Cassidy recommendations and styling tips and shopped with her on FaceTime while she scoured through Zara, looking for the best pieces to complete her vacation looks. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend on call, but as an editor, I know there are tons of women who need inspiration for packing for a destination wedding. In that vein, I’ve broken down the looks Cassidy and I created together, followed by a roundup of the best beach wedding guest dresses to shop for your upcoming event. The key to being the best-dressed guest at the ceremony lies ahead.

How We Planned Packing for a Beach Wedding
beach wedding guest dresses



When attending a beach wedding as a guest, it’s essential to pack strategically so you don’t overdo it. With Cassidy, we knew she would be there for five days and four nights, so we made a list of what she would be wearing each day. Then, we scanned her closet and made a list of the missing pieces she’d need to shop for based on what she already owned. We landed on her packing four daytime looks—one reception outfit, a dress for the wedding ceremony on the beach, and two tropical ’fits—and five swimsuits so she’d have options. Choosing versatile pieces that can be styled in at least three ways is the key to packing right and light.

Look #1: Off-Duty Day
beach wedding guest dresses



WEAR: Mejuri Croissant Dôme Hoops ($78); Dissh shorts; Staud Kai Halter Top and Mini Shirley Bag ($195)

For the first look, we went for a laid-back but polished, tropical vibe. Pairing a fun printed halter top with Bermuda shorts and slides is the perfect outfit to wear during the day before any of the prenuptial engagements. This is a no-fail look, as it’s great for meeting the bride’s extended family, lounging under the cabana, or enjoying margaritas with the bridal party. 

Re-create this look for yourself:

Cassidy’s Staud halter top is now sold out, but this version would be great to pack for any upcoming beach wedding. 

You can’t pack for a tropical beach getaway without including linen shorts.

Sandals that match with every look are a must.

Look #2: Enjoying the Beach
beach wedding guest dresses



WEAR: Urban Outfitters Margot Chunky Rectangle Sunglasses ($16); Frasier Sterling Mixtape Charm Huggies ($48) and Feeling Dreamy Choker ($58); Frankies Bikinis Stella’s Strapless One-Piece Swimsuit.

Securing the perfect dress for the reception and the beach wedding ceremony is essential, but Cassidy started shopping for the swimsuits long before anything else. She ended up ignoring my advice to travel light and packing five suits and only wearing three. (Yes, I needed to include the stats for the receipts.) With help from me and Klarna’s pay-later system, she invested in some great swimsuits, her favorite being the Frankies Bikinis one-piece suit in the trendiest retro floral print, which she paired with some jewelry and sunglasses.

Re-create this look for yourself:

This is the perfect swimsuit to wear as a guest during a beach wedding weekend.

Is it even a beachside wedding if you’re not wearing ocean-inspired jewelry?

The wedding ceremony may last just a few hours, but these sunglasses can be worn every day after.

Fun, comfortable slip-on sandals are a must-have for a beach wedding.

This bag is begging to be taken to the beach. 

Look #3: Rehearsal Dinner
beach wedding guest dresses



WEAR: Martha Calvo Earrings; Louis Vuitton necklace; Verge Girl Dress; Telfar White Shopping Tote ($150); Zara Sandals

We wanted a fun, bright dress for the rehearsal dinner. Together, we landed on this yellow, retro-print knit dress, which we paired with gold jewelry, green sandals, and Cassidy’s white Telfar bag. Opting for a bold dress and accessories is the perfect way to reflect your excitement and celebration for the happy couple—in outfit form, at least.

Re-create this look for yourself:

This dress is perfect to wear during a wedding reception or any other weekend festivities.

We promise you won’t regret splurging on bold sandals that you can style with all your wedding guest outfits. 

Meet the perfect tote to pair with any wedding guest ensemble.

Don’t forget to pack versatile jewelry!

Look #4: The Wedding Day Dress
beach wedding guest dresses



WEAR: Urban Outfitters Ginger Slim Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($18); Martha Calvo Earrings; Staud Printed Kai Top, Printed Sea Skirt, and Soft Pleated Moon Bag ($262); Zara Sandals

After planning all the fun daytime looks, we got down to the most critical outfit of all: the dress for the wedding ceremony on the beach. Typically, light linens are favored by the beach, but anything in the white-to-cream color range is a no-go when it comes to attending a wedding (unless the bride says otherwise). With that in mind, we spent a few weeks sending dress ideas for the ceremony back and forth until Staud announced its sample sale. Cassidy scooped up a few bags, shoes, and her tropical-print halter top and maxi skirt that look like a dress to wear during the ceremony. Opting for a bold, ocean-printed set may not be everyone’s thing, but it earned Cassidy compliments on compliments, which is proof that, with a bit of planning and an editor for a best friend, you can be the best-dressed guest at the wedding.

Re-create this look for yourself:

While Cassidy scooped up the last of Staud’s water-printed set, you can opt for the same look in a different colorway. Just be sure to buy the matching top ($145). 

A versatile bag that can be worn throughout the whole trip.

Take note from Cassidy and pair your ceremony dress with a fun pair of earrings.

Finding fun strappy sandals to wear to a wedding is half the battle.

Shop More Beach Wedding Guest Dresses…

Under $150:

If you’re looking for a bold but still polished dress, look no further than this floral maxi dress from Zara.

We promise that the bride-to-be will love this dress on you.

When in doubt, a satin dress will work for any wedding. 

Why not inject a little color into the dance floor? 

Give off total mermaid vibes with this aqua satin dress. 

There is nothing more suited for a beach wedding than this ruched, tiered, colorful midi dress.

Imagine this halter midi dress at a destination beach wedding—dreamy, right?

The cutout, the slit, the vibrant floral print… Everything about this dress is perfection.

If the wedding vibe is very low-key, this cotton strapless dress is perfect for the ceremony. 

If the bride's aesthetic is boho, she'll appreciate this dress. 

This stunning floral midi dress is begging to be worn for a special occasion. 

A colorful maxi dress worthy of a beach ceremony. 

Under $350:

Be the bride’s something blue in this number.

Not only will you channel a Jane Austen love novel with this floral-print dress for the wedding, but it’s also a dress you can definitely rewear.

This plum-hued dress is perfect to wear to a beachside wedding.

Who said you have to limit your choices to a dress? If you’re feeling bold enough, this colorful set was made for a reception dinner.

Nothing screams “beachside ceremony” louder than this dress.

Is it just me, or does this dress encapsulate the vibe of a tropical beach wedding?

Is the bride a bit more reserved? Then you can’t go wrong with this nude dress.

Be the best-dressed guest in this dress.

Striking the perfect balance between formal and beach-appropriate attire can be challenging. Luckily, this bow-adorned linen mini dress exists.

Imagine the sound of the waves and the light breeze moving this dress in the wind.

The fringe on this navy blue dress gives off East Coast beach vibes in the best way.

A dress inspired by the sunrise? Packing this ASAP.

We love the incredible pearl strap details on this baby-blue knit halter dress.

Who said you can't be comfortable and chic at the ceremony?

Leave it to House of CB to create the perfect dress to wear to a destination wedding.


Whether you wear this dress to the reception dinner or the ceremony itself, you’ll be sure to rake in compliments.

If the bride-to-be doesn’t mind guests going bold with their choice, then this dress is perfect for the big day. 

While this dress is a bit over-the-top for the beach, it would be great for the rehearsal dinner.

Leave it to Jacquemus to create the perfect linen dress for a beach wedding.

This dress strikes the right balance between modest and a little sultry. 

This dress makes me want to sing “The Piña Colada Song.”

We’re all here for wearing a lace-adorned number by the shore. 

The best thing about this dress?  You can wear it again for other occasions. 

With the right accessories, this dress can be a total vibe.

This dress is oddly reminiscent of the tiles you’d see at a beach resort, but we’re not mad about it. 

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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