This Is the 2016 Version of Classic Pumps

We took serious note when beloved blogger–turned–fashion director Pernille Teisbaek took over fashion week with her zebra-print V-neck Céline pumps earlier this year. Teisbaek deemed these stunners "slimming and elegant" in a writeup she did for The You Way. Curious as to whether or not this style would pick up as a trend, we made sure to watch these flattering pumps like a hawk, and sure enough, similar styles started popping up all over fast-fashion stores, designer boutiques, and the like. 

This V-neck detail is the modern update we never thought we'd see classic pumps get. Besides the style's eye-catching qualities and the fun colors we've seen them come in, these shoes are undeniably flattering. This cut is one that dramatically elongates your legs, whether you're wearing flooded trousers or a miniskirt. Wear them to work with your usual office attire, or on the weekends with jeans and a T-shirt for a look that will read forward and polished. 

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