Is It Just Me, or Are These Weird Items Actually Really Stylish?

Fashion is a funny old thing, and we know this better than most. It might seem like new trends crop up from nowhere every season, but really it's a cyclical process—it's rare (if not impossible) to find a look comes that hasn't already appeared in a previous decade.

But as we recently found out from an e-commerce style insider, each time a trend resurfaces, there's also a separate "mini cycle" underway. Apparently, it takes roughly a year for a trend to hit the mainstream, which explains why sometimes the first time we see an "out there" trend we recoil, but after a few of months, we start to find ourselves warming up to it.

After a recent discussion at Who What Wear HQ, we realised that each of us had a particular trend that we were initially dubious about but over time have come around to. They're the sort of "so bad they're good" pieces that tend to go against our usual style, but somehow feel undeniably appealing. From hiking sandals to '90s bucket hats, scroll down to see which looks we're on the fence about still. The jury is out, so we'll let you decide whether they're fab or simply fall flat.

Emma Spedding, Deputy Editor: "Dad" Shirts

"I tend to wear lots of very feminine pieces like floral midi dresses and pretty colours like bright pinks and baby blues, but this year, I'm quite tempted to raid my dad's shirt section. This is the only 'dad' trend that has caught my attention. I am not really a preppy kind of gal either, but Ralph Lauren's striped Oxford shirts in pastel colours have me considering dressing like Chuck Bass."

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief: Hiking Sandals

"When it comes to the recent influx of 'ugly' trends (think dad trainers, cycling shorts and bucket hats), I have been happy to observe from a distance. But hiking sandals? For some reason, they've managed to win me over with their minimalist finish and oh-so-comfy fit. They're not very 'me,' but regardless, I'll be wearing these babies all summer long."

Alyss Bowen, Social Media Editor: Bucket Hats

"Whenever I see someone wearing a bucket hat I immediately think, 'This is it, this is my cool new look and, I too, will look as effortlessly cool as this person.' In theory, this could be true, but in reality whenever I actually try one on I just feel a bit, well, silly. Don't get me wrong, I love them on other people (in fact, take one look at my saved photos on Instagram and you'll see a whole host of bucket hat-clad girls, but I'm just not sure they're for me… yet). I am determined to wear this trend!"

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Joy Montgomery, Acting Assistant Editor: Tank Tops

"Even just saying 'tank tops' makes me shiver. I wore them constantly as a teenager (a surefire way to put you off an item of clothing), but I think they just made me look shapeless up top. However, for a reason unknown to me, the 2019 tank top has ignited my interest. In luxe fabrics and minimalist cuts, I can imagine wearing one with a pair of high-waisted tailored trousers in the summer. I'm still not sure how flattering they'll be, but maybe it's time I gave them another chance."

Mica Ricketts, Deputy Editor Beauty: Jelly Shoes

"Jelly shoes might be a weird trend, but I’ll always have a soft spot for them. I remember them being all the rage in the school playground in the ’90s—and the subsequent furore when the cool-girl, sparkly heeled versions were banned. I had a pair in silver, but I always wanted the fuchsia pink versions. Since then, I hadn’t given them much thought until recently, I spotted the buckled pair from Juju making the rounds on Instagram. This time, though, the cool girls are pairing theirs with ankle socks. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s completely fabulous or a huge fashion faux pas, but at least it eliminates the risk of that dreaded jelly-shoe blister."

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