This £4 Buy Will Up Your Sneaker Game Instantly


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Looking for a way to refresh your go-to sneakers? We recommend you try sheer socks. While sporty cotton styles may be your day-to-day choice, swapping them out for something a little more fashion-forward is an easy way to make them appropriate for activities outside of the gym. It's a trick street style trendsetters use when they want to go for something a little less athleisure-focused but wear comfy sneakers.

From slouchy netted styles to ones with delicate details, the sheer sock options on the market run the gamut. And the best part is that you can try this trick out for as little as £4. So if you're ready to update your sneaker styling this year, we recommending giving this pretty trend a try. They may not keep our feet warm, but our ankles have never looked so good.

Aemilia Madden