I'm a Fashion Editor: 8 Comfy Yet Chic Travel Outfits I Always Come Back To

The last time I flew long-haul, I wore jeans for the duration. Big mistake. In my opinion, no matter how worn-in and stretchy your favourite Levi's are, an airplane is no place for denim.

For a flight of any length, comfortable clothing is a good idea, but it's especially important for longer journeys on which you're hoping to catch some Z's—not least to help you get ahead of the jetlag. If you're boarding the plane in restrictive clothes, you can forget about it. So, do yourself a favour and plan your travel outfit carefully, keeping a few key things in mind.

Comfort doesn't just come down to wearing non-clingy fabrics. You should also consider any potential changes in temperature. Are you leaving the UK and headed somewhere balmy? You'll need layers that you can peel off on landing. Think about your whole trip from start to finish, and imagine what you'll need to stay comfy at each step.

But fear not, all of these practical factors don't mean you have to abandon any semblance of style. In fact, you can look just as chic as you always do as you glide through security and onto your long-haul flight. Just keep scrolling to see eight looks that tick all the boxes, then shop the pieces you need in time for your next getaway.

See 8 Comfy Travel Outfits That Are Editor Approved:

1. Co-Ord + Birkenstocks


(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

Style Notes: A relaxed co-ord is just the ticket to a comfortable plane journey. An interesting texture like plisse will keep you looking on-point as you get some shut-eye at 30 thousand feet.

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2. Cardigan + Soft Shorts + Basket Bag

Airport outfits: @_jessicaskye

(Image credit: @_jessicaskye)

Style Notes: A cardigan comes with me on all my travels, and I like teaming it with a pair of soft cotton shorts (no denim, trust me!). Take note from Jessica and finish the cosy look with a spacious basket bag.

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3. Relaxed Shirt + Vest Top + Drawstring Trousers


(Image credit: @aysha.sow)

Style Notes: This is a look you can take straight from airport to beachside bar. Slip on lightweight, breathable trousers (planes can get stuffy, after all) and simple separates that you'll re-wear once you arrive at your destination.

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4. Long-Sleeved Tee + Tracksuit Bottoms + Sliders


(Image credit: @lindseyholland_)

Style Notes: When in doubt, you can always rely on trackies to deliver on the comfort front. Opt for leather slides instead of trainers for a fashion spin.

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5. Relaxed Jumper + Leggings + Trainers


(Image credit: @theannaedit)

Style Notes: If you've got an early start and you're travelling from somewhere cool, a chunky jumper is a non-negotiable. Style it with leggings and a tee underneath so you can remove the extra layers when you land.

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6. Sweatshirt + Flowy Skirt + Trainers


(Image credit: @jeannine.roxas)

Style Notes: From breakfast bar to boarding gate to window seat, you'll feel light as air in this comfortable combination. A long cotton skirt is basically a wearable blanket, and it doubles as a versatile piece for days by the beach.

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7. Linen Set + Cross-Body Bag


(Image credit: @claudia_berresford)

Style Notes: Linen is breathable, natural, and therefore ideal for a long flight. Make things easy for yourself and choose a matching set.

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8. T-Shirt + Stretchy Dress + Ballet Flats


(Image credit: @annelauremais)

Style Notes: I know what you're thinking—a dress? For a long flight? If it sounds like a strange choice, that's because you're picturing the wrong kind of dress. You want one in a super-stretchy jersey fabric that you won't mind sitting in all day (or night) long, with a tee underneath in case there's a chill on-board.

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