8 Pieces the Coolest New York Girls Are Wearing on Repeat Right Now


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You know that feeling when you learn a new word and suddenly you see it on every billboard and book cover? Well, here I am feeling that same sense of déjà vu about a handful of really cute summer trends. I first spotted them on the Instagram pages of a few NYC-based accounts I love—from editor friends to bloggers to designers I admire. Now I can't make my nightly walk home to the Lower East Side without spotting the same pieces on the people passing by. (Are they a model? An artist? Both? I never really know.) The bottom line of my rambling is this: These are the coolest trends to try in New York right now.

Note that I use the word "coolest" above. Let's not forget that as we're moving from that weird in-between season into summer proper, things will be heating up in the Big Apple. Along with those rising temps, I always find that clothing choices get bolder, brighter, and frankly, more exciting. When it's a heat wave, it's cool clothing that I desperately crave (literally and figuratively, of course).

If you're also itching to add a little punch to your wardrobe, whether you're planning a vacation or not, you've come to the right place. I'm breaking down those inspiring trends I've been eyeing both online and IRL below. And since a little style inspiration always makes me want to shop, I included my favourite pieces to tackle each trend too. You'll be ready to go toe-to-toe with the most fashionable women in NYC without ever having to step foot inside a grimy taxi.



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Walk through the West Village, and there's no denying that it's rosé season. But whether you are a wine person or not, you must know that pretty pink glasses are an equally easy way to capture the essence of NYC summer.



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When you're hot enough to pass out as you're sardined on the L train to Brooklyn, life in NYC can feel pretty distressing. But if dressing can make things even a little better, we'd advocate for Williamsburg's most popular date-night piece: a flirty blouse. There's something delightfully romantic about a floaty top with a renaissance twist—because while you're never really a damsel (you're strong and independent!), it's surprisingly fun to dress like one.



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If there's one trend that feels like NYC, it would have to be cat prints. Maybe it's thanks to Carrie Bradshaw or the impeccably dressed octogenarians of the Upper East Side, but there are plenty of cool ways to reimagine tiger stripes and leopard spots for today.



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Spend a day running around the city in heels and you'll quickly convince yourself that yes, you can wear sneakers with everything. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes will not only save your feet, but they have become a key staple for dressing up or down. And while it's been all about sleek, simple sneakers in past years, chunky '90s-inspired styles are all the rage these days.



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New Yorkers are notorious for wearing all black (because we're all so serious), but the stereotype just doesn't ring true anymore. The city is bursting with people mixing, matching and clashing colours. To try it out yourself, here's our rule of thumb: The bolder it is, the better.



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While we can't ignore the importance of the almighty tote bag in NYC, when it comes to cute purses, it's a bucket bag that everyone in SoHo has on their arm. Granted, it's not the most practical, but it's a more city-friendly alternative to a summery basket.



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Okay, so it's not pronounced like that city in Texas, but on Houston, cowboy boots are all the rage. Sleek takes on the ranch boots have made their way to every street of NYC styled with summery dresses or your favourite pair of jeans—it's your rodeo, so you can wear it however you prefer.



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Please excuse the Cardi B reference, as we couldn't resist (she hails from The Bronx, after all). On a more serious note, every New Yorker has experienced the unfortunate chill of the arctic office air conditioning, which is why a desk sweater is a key piece to any NYC wardrobe. This year, it's all about a cropped cardigan—light enough to wear on the walk home, but warm enough to keep hypothermia at bay at your desk.

Aemilia Madden