6 Things I Stopped Wearing When I Moved to NYC


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A little over three years ago, I stepped off a plane, picked up three giant bags from the luggage claim, and began a new life in New York City. Coming from California, there were the expected adjustments to life on the other coast. Winter—as in polar-vortex, snowstorm winter—was the first, with many to follow. But one change I didn't quite expect was the ways in which this city would transform my sense of style and wardrobe.

No, I did not instantly transform into a clone of Carrie Bradshaw. If anything, my wardrobe skewed less peacock and more practical. Since my primary methods of transportation are now walking or taking the subway, comfort is the single most important factor when it comes to getting dressed. Shoes, even heels, must be able to survive at least a few blocks worth of trekking. And while elsewhere, it's easy to travel with a small bag, in New York, there's no traveling light. At any given moment, I have a tote full of gym clothes, groceries, and maybe a library book or two, making a passably stylish tote a crucial investment.

Of course, in addition to comfort, it's important to never forget that New York is a city where great style is an expectation. But since toting around a change of clothes is too much for even the biggest of bags, a single outfit has to get me through a myriad of activities. What I wear to the office also needs to work for evening drinks or an event after hours. I tend to balance casual staples like jeans and sneakers with more polished picks. Even on the weekends, I'll mix and match leggings with something a little more dressed up. Because if I've learned one thing, it's that you never know who you might run into in New York.

Below I'm breaking it down even more, and I'm highlighting a list of things I've learned to give up on since I moved to NYC. Check out my no-go list below, then shop pieces I'd recommend for city living!