My Teenage Self Is Obsessed With Zara's Latest Delivery

No iPhones, no social media, no Kim Kardashian West and certainly no President Donald Trump. The noughties were a simpler time. Fashion-wise, however, it's not generally viewed as a high point in the history of taste. But as we all know, fashion is a cyclical being, and it was only a matter of time before the decade that wardrobes tried to forget released its comeback album. If anyone is in any doubt (read: denial) about the return of this era, then they need simply scroll through Zara's latest new-in delivery—and if Zara has given the green light, then who are we to argue? Prepare to hurtle back in time and see all manner of epoch-defining styles, from ripped denim and mirrored sunglasses to cowl-neck camis and, of course, a pair of cargo pants for good measure. Yes, my teen self would have been thrilled to be met with such an array under one e-tail roof.

If you're uncertain about how to approach this look, then we suggest dipping your toe in with a single signature piece. For example, a pair of noughties-inspired strappy heels are a great way to nod to the trend and can be worn with most outfits—from jeans to dresses. Or one level up, you can try a cowl-neck top next time you go out out (just wear with grown-up tailored trousers to keep it chic). However, if you want to go full-on Britney circa 2001, then more power to you. Scroll down to shop our new-in Zara edit.


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