21 Cool Hairstyles for Every Single Life Occasion

Let me just preface by saying that I'm not a beauty editor, and I'm terrible at styling my hair. I'm a fashion editor with an acute appreciation for cool hairstyles that I probably wouldn't be able to execute myself. But that doesn't mean that you can't! As with clothing and accessories, different occasions in life call for different hairstyles, and I've been stalking Instagram for chic styles that I can at least admire from afar, if not attempt myself. Along the way, I found a lot of cool-girl hair inspiration that would be chic options for everything from dates to weddings to work. As it turns out, fashion girls have great taste in hairstyles (hardly shocking, I know).

Ready to see the best cool-girl hairstyles for a number of occasions you're likely to find yourself needing a look for? Keep scrolling for some of my current favourites and to shop products and accessories to re-create them yourself.


It's probably best to save the beachy waves for the weekend and go with a bit of a more sophisticated style for office days. Think a slicked-back low bun or a centre-parted down do.


(Image credit: @TYLYNNGUYEN)


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You can never go wrong with wearing your hair down with loose waves for a date. The best part is that this looks effortless and actually is pretty effortless in execution. 


(Image credit: @ALWAYSJUDGING)


(Image credit: @ALYSSAINTHECITY)


(Image credit: @ALANNAARRINGTON)

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Your wedding hairstyle needn't be a prom-worthy updo. You want to look like yourself, but it's a great opportunity to do something special, like braid it down or get a sleek blowout for your lob.


(Image credit: @AIMEESONG)

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(Image credit: @JENNYMWALTON)


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Your Birthday Party

The is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your style and try something new and/or bust out the most extra hair accessories you own.


(Image credit: @BRITTANYXAVIER)


(Image credit: @CHAMPAGNEMANI)


(Image credit: @JENATKINHAIR)

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Family Gatherings

For family gatherings, something polished that still shows your personality (like a low ponytail that still shows off your curls) is a safe bet.




(Image credit: @TINAKUNAKEY)


(Image credit: @LAUREN_VALENTI)

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For workouts, opt for pretty braids and slicked-back high ponytails, both of which will effectively keep your hair out of the way.


(Image credit: @CLAIRE_MOST)


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(Image credit: @AMANDAKLOOTS)

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Music Festivals

Pretty much anything goes when it comes to music festivals, and the more fun you have your style the better. Bonus points for hair accessories and bucket hats.


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