This Is How Jennifer Aniston Has a Guaranteed Good Hair Day, Every Damn Day

For me, there's one celebrity who epitomizes the very concept of a great hair day: Jennifer Aniston. From her cult "Rachel" haircut of the '90s to her distinctive bouncy waves of today, Aniston just might have the most iconic hair in the business. In fact, I can't think of a single time I've seen her snapped with a hair out of place. So what's the secret to enjoying a good hair day every damn day?

Before we get into it, I feel compelled to provide a bit of a disclaimer here. If you're like me, you have a bit of a love-hate relationship with your hair. I love how long it can last between washes but hate that it has a total life of its own. Also, I'm going to admit that Aniston's daily hair routine might cause you to feel a little green-eyed. Keep scrolling to see how Jennifer Aniston keeps her hair looking amazing.


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Despite how gorgeous Aniston's hair always looks, it turns out that her hair routine is fuss-free and incredibly simple: "Yesterday, it took me 15 minutes to get up, get my hair done, and go," she revealed in an interview with Allure. "I honestly just blow-dry it with my fingers around my hairline, and then I get the roots set, and then I'll let the rest of the hair air-dry."


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As if that one revelation wasn't enough (seriously, Jen—you don't need the help of a hair dryer to get your hair to fall so perfectly?), it turns out that Aniston isn't particularly concerned about a regular hair wash, either. In fact, she only shampoos every two or three days. "I'll use a little bit of the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo ($27) on my roots on the second day after I've shampooed," she said.


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Let's be real for a second, though. Not all of us have been blessed by the hair gods as Aniston has. With all of the best intention in the world, if I only put the hair dryer on my hairline and left the rest of my hair to do its own thing, I'd be dealing with an absolute bird's nest by the time I got to the office. But there's a solution: air-dry hair products. Yes, there's a whole wave of formulas out there that are designed to give your natural hair a little helping hand without you having to rely on heat styling. They're formulated to work with your hair's natural texture, so you apply them to damp hair to help shape, smooth, and define your strands into something that just might resemble Aniston's (if you're lucky). Keep scrolling for more of her iconic hair looks and the air-dry hair products that will help you re-create them at home.


Sleek and shiny:
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Bouncy beach waves:
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Natural texture:
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Choppy lob:
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Side-swept texture:
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Long and wavy:
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Other air-dry hair products we love: 

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