We Try Before You Buy: 10 of the Prettiest Clips and Headbands

Our We Try Before You Buy series aims to take the stress out of shopping and eliminate the number of post office visits you make each month to return failed online orders. We test new-season buys and styling ideas so you don't have to. Here, we're letting you know what's actually worth investing in, and now, we're turning our attention to beauty too.

From spring trends to Zara lipsticks, we've been pretty good at trialling the best beauty items and looks out there to give you an indicator of what's worth parting with your hard-earned cash for. This month, though, we're turning our attention to hair—accessories to be specific. Definitely the biggest hair trend of 2019 so far, the number of stylish women embellishing their hair with clips, bows and headbands shows no signs at all of slowing down. Which is why I and the rest of the team wanted to get in on the action. Keep scrolling to see the headbands, hair clips and hair ties that we tried and shop the best ones online right now.

Hair Clips


(Image credit: @ADA_OGUNTODU)

Whether they're just wearing one as a subtle nod to the trend or layering them up for a maximalist approach to accessorising, there's absolutely no doubting that fashion girls have gone wild over hair clips this year. Great for all hair types, they double up as a particularly chic way to disguise a fringe when you're growing it out.


(Image credit: @SPEDDINGEMMA)

"I have quite thick hair and so often find smaller clips fall out and can't get enough grip, but these are perfect if you want a real statement hair accessory that won't budge. I like the effect of two stacked in parallel with each other."—Emma Spedding, deputy editor


(Image credit: @JOY_MONTY)

"On the more low-key end of the hair accessory spectrum (sort of), this is definitely something I can imagine throwing on before I leave the house for both casual and formal occasions. It is slightly more 'blingy' than I'd usually go for, but I think it'll work if I keep the rest of my jewellery pared-back. Also, I feel like, with hair accessories, you sort of have to embrace the drama."—Joy Montgomery, acting assistant editor


(Image credit: @HANNAHALMASSI)

"I'm sorry, but I think I'm literally too busy to be a hair-slide or clip girl! They just don't stay in place. So I don't care how damn cute this might look (and doesn't it look so sweet?). It probably won't make it into my day-to-day style."—Hannah Almassi, editor in chief

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(Image credit: @MICARICKETTS)

Despite having quite coarse, wavy hair, I always struggle to get hair clips to stay put. These ones from Rosantica did the trick though, thanks to the skinny barrette style. I really love how they look as a duo and think they'd look equally as cool with jeans and a tee for a cool weekend look. I'd be tempted to layer up even more for a special occasion.


(Image credit: @ALYSSBOWEN)

"I saw these clips on Instagram and instantly knew I needed them in my hair. Often pearly clips are too thick for my fine hair, but this one sits perfectly on one side and looks super cute."—Alyss Bowen, associate social media editor


(Image credit: @SPEDDINGEMMA)

"Rosantica creates really beautiful accessories unlike anything that anyone else is creating. So when it was suggested we do this story, I immediately knew I'd use it as a chance to get this clip in my hair for ten minutes. It's heavier than any other hair clip I've tried, so I'd save this for an occasion like a wedding rather than an everyday clip."—Emma

Headbands and Hair Ties


(Image credit: @MONIKH)

You might not have worn a headband since primary school, but they're officially back—and they're the special occasion headwear of choice for the fashion set. (Plus, bonus points for the way that they can disguise greasy roots in a stylish way.) We've spotted French girls wearing them in abundance, with chic hair ties and ribbons being another favourite.


(Image credit: @HANNAHALMASSI)

"Having just watched The Other Boleyn Girl, this pearly velvet headband felt weirdly in tune with what I was vibing off fashion-wise. It's not going to go with every single outfit, and I did feel a bit silly wearing it to the ladies' toilets in our office (we're the only fashion company in the building), but still, it's a cute addition to a wedding or party look, I think."—Hannah


(Image credit: @JOY_MONTY)

"This Simone Rocha piece is wonderfully OTT and not something I would wear on a day-to-day basis, but actually I like the idea of choosing it as a statement accessory to a wedding. The monochrome colours will go with so many outfits and it's not so chunky that it overwhelms everything, which is a risk with some headbands. It's love at first sight."—Joy Montgomery, acting assistant editor

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(Image credit: @ALYSSBOWEN)

"I went in hard on the whole headband trend, mostly because with a short style I find it hard to style my hair up (or any other way, for that matter). I normally opt for a plain black one with a knot in the middle, as it looks chic, but also keeps my pesky grown-out fringe off my face."—Alyss


(Image credit: @MICARICKETTS)

Give me a scrunchie and I'm all over it, but I've never considered wearing a ribbon hair tie before. I have to say, I absolutely love it! It comes with a hair tie already built in so you can leave the ends loose and flowing or tie them up into a floppy bow like this. I'm definitely converted.

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