These 12 Mascaras Actually Make Short Lashes Look Longer

My eyelashes and I have always had a bit of a rocky relationship since I first got into makeup around age 15. I wouldn’t say my eyelashes are straight, but they are pretty short—and sometimes they look practically non-existent, which really isn’t ideal as someone who thinks that mascara really complements the colourful eye looks that I love to do. I’ve flirted with the idea of getting a lash-lift, but the fact that they aren’t permanent combined with a slight fear of my lashes becoming damaged means I’ve never gone much further than scrolling through other people’s experiences over on TikTok.

However, over the past few years, I’ve made it my mission to find mascaras and other lash products to help make my short lashes look longer, and thankfully, through a lot of research and recommendations, I’ve managed to do exactly that. 


(Image credit: @itsvanesem)

Before we get on to my list of best lengthening mascaras, however, I have to give a shout-out to one of my biggest eyelash saviours: Revlon Tripple-Stepped Eyelash Curler (£10). Using this has proved to be an amazing first step at giving me the eyelashes of dreams. I use it on days that I find my lashes need a little lift, and the only reason I don’t find myself reaching for it on the daily is that it somehow keeps my lashes curled for several days. It's a serious game changer.


(Image credit: @itsvanesem)

Following the curling action, I then go in with one of favourite mascaras—and this is where the real magic happens. From curling, volumising and clump-free length, all of these mascaras have one thing in common: They make my short lashes look longer.

Ahead, the 12 best lengthening mascaras I've tried: