Pretty Face Masks Exist—I've Found 20 of Them

'Freedom Day' might've arrived, but it's fair to say that face masks will, in one form or another, remain a part of our lives for a little while longer. I, personally, plan on having one readily available in all of my handbags. This is an important item for practical purposes, so I'm certainly not suggesting it is purely a fashion statement, but nevertheless, I'm finding myself drawn to the mood-boosting leopard- and floral-printed varieties that are now available.


(Image credit: @heartzeena)

Numerous designers and high-street brands have branched out into face masks, so you can now buy a printed Marni or Rixo mask to match your midi dresses. ASOS also has plenty of reusable face masks, in gingham, polka-dot and animal prints. While if you want to support smaller British creatives or independent brands during this time, then check out Etsy which is a treasure trove of cute printed face masks, with dozens available for under £10. 

Keep scrolling to see the face masks that have caught my eye. 

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Emma Spedding