Hands Down, These Are the Best Eye Products to Tackle Dark Circles and Puffiness


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Once I began implementing the right under-eye care into my skincare routine, I knew I was never turning back. The impact from life-admin in general was definitely showing in my face and I became obsessed with the idea that something was making me look like I had a full night's sleep with a lie-in on top. Yes, at first it did feel a bit gimmicky, using an under eye mask and suddenly feeling rejuvenated felt a little more psychological than the real outcome from 15 minutes with a piece of jelly. But I am here to tell you that right eye products really work.


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So often the price tag that can come along with eye products can have you feeling like it might be easier just to skip the skincare step altogether. I definitely had my reservations, but that was before I intentionally started using the right products and seeing real, justifiable results. If, like me, you've ever asked yourself, do I really need an eye cream? Or wondered where you'd even begin with a facial tool, then read on to discover the best targeted eye care guide, all tried and tested by myself.

With two young children, years of broken sleep and an endless to-do list, my eyes were screaming out for some assistance in looking de-puffed, brighter and smoother. I quickly learnt that dry skin and sensitive eyes made sourcing the right product more of a challenge. Heavier creams and serums tended to aid skin texture (amazing) yet cause irritation to my waterline (not so amazing). I found that it was important to prioritise the element of relaxation associated with eye care, too. How the product makes your skin feel, results aside, can have a desirable affect in tricking your brain to feeling overall more alert, and ready to tackle the day. I needed comfort with function - products that yielded results without skimping on a luxurious spa-like feeling, all the while fitting into my busy schedule and already stretched budget. I know, it sounds like I'm asking for too much, right? You'll be pleased to know, I'm not.

Scroll on to discover the best eye products to tackle dark circles, puffiness and fine lines below.

The best eye gels:

Refreshing and dewy, eye gels can contribute to improved skin elasticity and prevent under-eye sagging through intense hydration. The best for daytime use as it excludes heavy oils and sits thinly on the skin, allowing the area to appear supple and smooth. Eye gels have quickly become the favourite part of my routine. When faced with a horrendous nights sleep, I can count on any one of the gels below to refresh my face, combatting any areas that are dry or puffy. 

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The best eye creams:

Eye creams add almost a protective layer over such a delicate area of the face, where that extra layer is is most appreciated. Best when given time to really settle into the skin, as most may not be as quick drying or easily absorbed as a gel. It is worth the wait, as these creams can combat dark circles and are formulated to strengthen the skin under your eyes. Great for using in both your morning and night-time routine. 

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The best eye masks and patches:

Here is where we really step up the spa-adjacent side to taking care of your under eyes. I'm sure we can all fondly remember balancing sliced cucumbers over our eyes as kids, role playing 'spa' and venturing into our first experiences of self-care. Well, eye masks are sort of the grown-up version of that, bringing the luxury care we crave into our homes and individual lifestyle - while giving us dazzling results at the same time. 

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The best eye serums:

Not quite an oil, not quite a gel. lightweight and easily applied, Eye serums are what you need when trying to steer clear of heavier formulas. Good for those with combination skin, and can be well situated underneath moisturisers without making the area too oily. 

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The best eye tools:

My discovery of eye tools transformed my whole approach to skincare and self care in general. The massaging qualities, promotion of lymphatic drainage and even mental health benefits are unexpected from eye care - but not to be underestimated. Adding a skincare tool to your routine can stimulate blood flow, collagen production and even change the shape of your face. Combine with your favourite gel or serum to bind the product to your skin. 

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